Onefinity Monitor

I hope I did not miss a current thread on this subject. I thought when I first went to the Onefinity site, they gave the options of 8", 10" or no monitor (use your own). I no longer see a 10" version? If I choose to provide my own monitor, if I remember correctly, you loose the option to reinstall/update the soft ware that comes with the monitor Oneinfinity offers. I definitely want to change the way the monitor Onefinity uses to mount a monitor to the CNC. I would also like a bigger monitor and one that can be installed off to the side or above the CNC Machine using its own mounting system. Is there any downsides to using your own minitor versed one proveded by Onefinity?

The monitor is nothing special - any HDMI monitor will work. I have an Asus 15.6" touch-screen monitor, on this mount:, and it works great. There’s a list of monitors that are known to work somewhere that I can’t find at the moment…

Thanks Michael. Somewhere I read that touch screens may be a bit more of a challenge with the onefinity controller but Im not absolutely sure on that. If you fiind that list, please let me know. Otherwise, I will trty and find the Asus to look at. What connections and how many do I need on the monitor?


I have such things bookmarked,

Confirmed Aftermarket Screens/Monitors that work with the Onefinity

The Monitor and the Touch are in fact two different things, even if they always are inside the same device. That’s why they have different connectors. The Monitor is any HDMI monitor that will work with a Raspberry Pi 3. You connect it to the HDMI output of the Onefinity Controller which contains a Raspberry Pi 3. And for the Touch it is the same, you have to find one that works on a Raspberry Pi 3, but it is an input device and you connect it to a USB Port of the Onefinity Controller. You need a monitor with a Touch device that the OS has a driver for. The operating system of the Onefinity Controller is Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian because it is based on Debian GNU/Linux), so in fact what you have to look for, is a Touch Monitor that works on a Raspberry Pi 3 and under Raspberry Pi OS. Note that the version of the Raspberry Pi OS on the Onefinity Controller version 1.0.9 is Raspberry Pi OS 9.3 Stretch of 2017 with a Linux kernel 4.9.

Note that you don’t need a Touch Monitor to use the Onefinity CNC. You can use a a (non-touch) monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. The desire to use a Touchscreen on a CNC milling machine comes from the fact that when milling wood, there could be wood dust around, and most keyboards and mice don’t really like that.


Awesome, thanks so much!