If you were to buy a new monitor…

Hi All, Waiting for my 1F. I did not order the 8” monitor. I am thinking of getting a larger standard monitor. My question is do most find that a touchscreen is not used much? Is that a mistake bypassing a touchscreen? Am I over thinking this and just get the 8”? Looking for the practical answer. Thanks

Hey Mark,

using a Touch display on a cnc router comes from the desire to have a display directly at the machine where there could be wood dust which normal keyboards and mice don’t like.

But you don’t need to attach a monitor to the controller directly. You can operate the CNC Controller from remote over Ethernet or WiFi from another computer and it has the advantage that you can see the camotics tool path simulation that is not shown on a display directly connected to the controller.

And of course you can have this other computer directly besides the CNC too :slight_smile:

Also it should be considered that 8 inch or even 10 inch displays are rather for younger people that have no presbyopia yet :slight_smile:

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I plan on keeping the monitor close to the machine. My old CNC had a small touchscreen monitor and I found myself using the mouse and keyboard more often; maybe because it was small. I like the idea of a larger touchscreen but it seems like the reviews of after-market touchscreens are hit or miss when it come to working on the 1F? Or am I wrong? Also, some of the touchscreens that individuals seem to have luck with I can’t find in stock…. Thanks

Hey Mark,

for search criteria to find a touchscreen compatible with Onefinity and Buildbotics Controller see here;

This is a world-wide problem now. Everything that needs microcontrollers to be manufactured now gets out of stock. I am so lucky that I bought all my stuff last year :slight_smile:

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One way around this is until you can get the larger touch screen that you want use a old monitor or TV with an HDMI input and connect a KB and mouse. You can get a cheap 22" monitor for around $120 at places like Walmart. Yeah it’s cheap and maybe not the best resolution but it might get you up and running until you can get what you want. Not a touch screen but for the price maybe something like this will work for you in the short term.

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I have a problem with touch screens. I can touch what I want to select and sometimes that touch does not register. I have the same problem with my phone. I find that using a mouse eliminates that problem. There is normally not much data to be entered so I am satisfied with not having a keyboard.

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Or you can get a 21" on facebook marketplace for $15.

I have the same problem with my phone or any touch screen. Using fingerprint scanner is almost impossible for me. My fingers just don’t seem to register. I guess my skin is too dry. Had the same problem at a place I worked at few years ago with their security system.

I ended up doing the same as you and moved to a KB and mouse.

My biggest problem with the monitors 1F sells is how they mount. I switched to an Asus 21" (wanted the smaller one but it looks discontinued) that has a standard VESA threaded holes. Several time I lightly bumped the 10" monitor and it fell. I had it set so the cables would prevent it from hitting the floor but after it happened a third time I switched. The 21" is a little too big for me but I couldn’t find one smaller that didn’t come with just feet.

If I knew that the touch screen would work reliably then I would probably opt for that just to clear up the clutter of a mouse/keyboard. Like I said, I had a ball mouse on the screen as well as a keyboard connected to a small touch screen on my previous CNC. I kept forgetting that the screen was touch and used mostly the ball mouse and keyboard. The keyboard would get dusty which is a downside, but reliable. So as it stands now, how many of you that have a non-1F screen have problems with their after-market touch screens. Thanks

I really appreciate the feed back! Thanks


I get by with just a mouse. Keyboards get too dusty. Also can use any old TV or monitor that has the proper port.


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True. I have an old KB drawer that keeps my KB from getting to much exposure to dust and chips.
But it is possible to mimic anything you could do with your finger and a touch screen with the mouse.
And I am using an older 22" TV which has an HDMI input in place of the 10" touchscreen I got from Onefinity.

Plus side of the old TV is that I can switch the video input over to the TV and watch football on the same screen. Or connect the VGA input to a laptop.

Hey Mark,
I just bought a 24" ONN at WalMart. to replace the 10" from OneFinity. After almost a year, I found that using a mouse was much more beneficial to me, even with the 10". And, I mounted it to a VESA stand (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01AI2YGK4?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details) that is up and out of the way. No more bumping the front mounted 10".

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Thank you for your input. Can you by chance post a picture of your set up? I am kinda leaning this direction. 24” sounds nice. Does. It look too big? Or maybe it looks damn cool?

This is my older(~2009) LG 22" TV. I have the Onefinity video piped to the HDMI input on the TV. No touch screen but I like this better than the smallish 10" touch screen. I will put that touch screen to use on something else so not a total waste.

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I ordered the 10” touch screen from OF and I love it. It works great and I have not had any issues. I like the combo of touch screen and joy pad.

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I got my machine with the 10" touch screen. It was fine to get started with. After a few weeks I hooked up a laptop and I feel that is a far superior way to operate the machine. The touch screen is in a drawer in my filing cabinet. Wish I hadn’t wasted that money but oh well. Live and learn. Bottom line, if you can run the machine from a computer.

Nothing fancy, but it works for me.


I bought a cheap 24” TV an d connected to the controller with a wireless mouse and keyboard, it works great and I have it right at the machine mounted to my table.