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Hello, I am new to this forum. In the process of setting up an X-50. When the CNC was purchased, Onefnity was out of stock on the 10" monitor used with their machines. Based on the FAQ about alternate monitors, I purchased and will be using a product from It is an Angel POS 12.1 touchscreen monitor. Has anyone used this particular monitor with their Onefinity CNC?


Welcome to the forum, if you run a quick search there are several threads on the forum with viable alternatives and even larger screens than 10".

Links, reviews etc. you should find more than you need.


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To reiterate @MindOfMcClure, welcome to the forums and, from personal experience, it seems as though the Onefinity doesn’t really care what manner of monitor you attach to its system (touch or not). At one point, I had a 32" smart tv tied in that functioned fine, though 720p didn’t really live up to the quality of the system.

It looks like the brand you’ve settled on is also a Canadian brand. I’m not at all privy to its quality or functionality but it’s neat that you’re keeping the Canadian branding consistent.

Also, I hadn’t thought about utilizing commercial POS devices as a solution. There’s a definite cost aspect that makes it look very appealing. Thank you for alluding to that.


While I know there are a number of threads on this, I feel the urge to throw in my 2 cents as it just seems odd to me that everyone is so determined to have a dedicated monitor.

As someone who came from using CNCjs, a web-based interface, I opted straight away to skip the monitor and purchased a renewed Chromebook from Amazon for $216. This is in the same price range as many “dumb” touch monitors. I exclusively use the web interface on the controller. It’s fast, works perfectly, and I could not imagine anything less.


  • 14" touchscreen (1366 x 768)
  • can preview toolpaths in the controller interface
  • easily mount local network folders via GUI for file access
  • attached keyboard and mouse to easily look things up on the internet or use the calculator

I’m aware the resolution isn’t as good as some, but you can zoom out the web interface to make everything fit to your liking. For me, 75-80% works great. No complaints.


Hey Chris,

I’m sorry for that.

I don’t know if you want to try again to find a touchscreen for Onefinity CNC Controller, it’s simply searching for a touchscreen that runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 under Raspberry Pi OS version 9.3 Stretch from 2017 with a Linux kernel 4.9 (as explained here). That’s because this is what’s inside the Onefinity CNC Controller.

However if you don’t want a touch screen, besides using the Onefinity Controller remotely from another computer via ssh, you can use any HDMI (or DVI-D or DVI-I) monitor, in conjunction with a mouse and a keyboard. The desire to use a touchscreen on a CNC milling machine comes from the fact that when milling wood, there could be wood dust around, and most keyboards and mice don’t really like that. However since ball screws are not compatible with wood dust (see example here) you would use a strong dust extraction system anyway, so maybe using keyboard and mice instead of a touchscreen would be okay.

Welcome to the forum.

I’ve been using an old HDMI monitor (14") with a trackball that hides in a drawer below the cutting table. Little to no dust, good visibility on the setup since the monitor is mounted at the back of the table, and ready access to anything I need. The only fast response I care about is the big red button on the controller in case of a massive problem on the CNC. The trackball is easily removed and blown out, although several inspections have shown no problem.

The original 7" monitor is really too small in my opinion, prone to fat fingers and getting bumped around and off it’s stand. I monitor progress from my desktop through the web interface along with a webcam set up.

I’m now running a 16" X 50" Journeyman, which is a perfect size for my shop.

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I’m considered “petite” at 5’ 4" / 135 lbs. No fat fingers here and that thing still managed to suicide itself off its stand more times than I can count. It’s not you. It’s it. :smiley:

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