New 10.8" Hi-Def Touch Screen option

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Not sure if I am posting in the correct location. Please redirect if needed.

Just noticed a 10.8" Hi-Def Touch Screen is now available as an upgrade.
Just out of curiosity, will this bigger monitor be shipped out with new orders or is it just available as an upgrade?


I asked this question yesterday in an email to Onfinity but haven’t gotten a response yet. I am hoping to include this monitor rather than the 7" monitor when my machine ships and just pay the additional cost.


Thanks Craig,

I also sent support an email.
Just have to wait for an answer now :slight_smile:

If it is not included with new-machine purchases, it would be terrific if they offered it as an additional cost upgrade for new orders. That would be $50 well spent!


If you have currently placed an order, and would like to make modifications to that order, please send an email to, on or before March 14, 2021 detailing your changes. Any changes to current orders, after March 14, 2021 cannot be guaranteed. Depending on the demand, it may take a couple weeks to process your change request. Priorities will be placed on shipping sequence. Please be patient.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at [](
w=GppqfmiUSWTuX-6vbzcxbxr0Pt0XQE9NBNpX88tqFNU.eyJ1IjoibWFpbHRvOmluZm9Ab25lZmluaXR5Y25jLmNvbSIsInIiOiI0MjdlNjYzNC1lOGVjLTRmZWEtNzM3My1lNGE0MDE2NjFlNzciLCJtIjoibWFpbCIsImMiOiIwNDNkYjg2Ny0wODA1LTQ0ZjctYjllNi1mOGFhNWVmNmEzNjcifQ) or give us a call at 1888 717 4242.

Hey Jim,
The website just put in the upgrade option. Check it out.

10.8 ?? I ordered a week ago and didn’t see that option. I would have been all over that!

Got it! Done and done. You know, I thought about a 22 or 24 inch ASUS or Viewsonic and decided against them. We’re not watching movies on these displays - we’re controlling a machine. If we’re placing the display at a distance from the machine, I guess the much larger display makes sense. I think I’ll wind up with the machine and the control display in close proximity so the 10.8 display is a great middle ground. Add that it has Onefinity’s seal of approval, comes with an appropriate mount, and represents only a $70 difference in price and this choice seems logical for my particular needs.

Thanks for the heads-up!


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Look above at Oldnewbie’s post. You have until March 14th to alter your order. Good on Onefinity for their flexibility.


I ordered mine. Thank you onefinity for thinking out of the box. Given your growth curve I think you all should be proud.

@OnefinityCNC Can you share the Manufacturer and Model number of the new monitor?

Also - is there an option for users (like myself) who have already received their machine to purchase the upgraded monitor?

Here it is available as a replacement part: 10.8" Hi-Def Touch Screen | Onefinity USA (

FWIW, I went with one of the recommended aftermarket Acer 15.6" touch screens - has been great.