Got most of it! Now the fun part!

Finally order 14729 is home, only problem is the 10.8" touch screen monitor is missing, the rest appears to be there. Sent email to Onefinity info, hope to have issue resolved and on hand by weekend, when I get to complete the assembly of it.

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Monitor could be in the boxes… no reason that it would not fit, make sure to check all the packing material it could be in a flap somewhere.


My 10.8" display came in one of the boxes

The monitor will be inside one of the boxes.

double and triple checked, found all accessories ordered, but no touch screen. I am sure Onefinity will respond to my email or I will call tomorrow. Was too late to call them today

NO its not, and not the first to have it happen. Read at least one other post on here or Facebook well someone else had same issue last week or so. Sure it will be corrected.


I received my order (14721) yesterday at 1:20 pm central time. I noticed that my screen was not included also. I emailed OF that night and by noon today I got the shipping notification for the screen.

Seems like a great machine with great support. Though I can hardly wait to use it, this delay gives me time install the drag chains and 3D print a few parts.

I’m a happy camper!

Just checked my junk mail and found one from Onefinity saying they already realized my monitor wasn’t packed, and they are shipping it DHL. Also gave me instructions on using the machine with a computer until monitor arrives. So all good, I knew they would take care of the issue, and evidently they knew even before I got home and checked the boxes! Can’t ask for better service than that, except maybe NDA shipping LOL!

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