Didn't receive the touch screen

I’m just wondering when you receive your CnC woodworkers x50 would the Touch screen be in one of the 3 shipped boxes or do they ship that separately ?

It’s in one of the boxes. There’s plenty of room in the rail boxes for other stuff (so they actually have a number of empty filler boxes to help keep things in place). They just slot in your accessories in amongst the rails.

It’s all very well packaged.

Did you receive and possibly miss an email from 1F saying your display was delayed?

Some people did, including myself. I believe that was only for the 10" displays and only
sent out to those who they did not have a display on hand for.

Sounds like that may not be you but if you missed the email then maybe.

I’d first like thank the both of you for the answers . I’ve check the 3 boxes twice and I didn’t find the screen so I’ll go back through the E-Mails Thanks again

Yes I found it there in E-Mail Thanks

Glad you found the email but also sorry you got the email since that means you won’t see a 10" display until January at the earliest IF you choose to keep your order in and wait.

I choose Option #2, keep my order in and wait, but I also have a small touch screen monitor that I believe will work so I will try that and if not I’ll just have to work it over the LAN using my PC or a laptop.