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I am new to CNC and after an exhaustive research I settled on the Onefinity brand… Much to my surprise I was trying to order a woodworker unit and they are not available on the website? The website doesn’t say anything other than all units are back ordered with no information about how long or what is really going on? There are lots of people waiting several months for their units too. Does anyone on the forums know how long it is going to be before they start production again or what the issues are? Their prime suckit dustboots are also back ordered as well. I also can’t find an address for them anywhere on their site either? Obviously one would be a little apprehensive to order from a new company under the circumstances plus they want all of the money upfront. Just checking the forums first before I try to call them this week.

I am assuming you are on the Canadian site and there is a pop up saying you need Togo to the US/worldwide site where you have to place the order.

The are a full production right now . I ordered mine mid october and received it first week of february . ± 4 months to receive it. It will give you time to prepare your shop.

Hey JFab… You can purchase via our website. Here is the direct link… https://www.onefinitycnc.com/cnc-machines
To get an idea of when your unit may ship, we have a detailed shipping table, also on our website. Here is the link… https://www.onefinitycnc.com/pre-order-info
Our address is 1180 Stellar Drive, units 8/9, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. We just moved to this new location a couple month ago. We will update our website shortly to list the new address.
Hope this helps… Talk soon…

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Congratulations on the move. I am guessing, among other things, these units are providing much needed space for your growing production and inventory. There certainly are a lot of ‘pins’ on that OF map!

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They sent me an email stating they were working on their site probably at the time I visited. Thanks

Thanks Mark! Look forward to working with everyone!

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Can you send me overall dimensions for the woodworker? I am having some trouble accessing your website due to PC security issues at the moment. The dimensions I remember seeing were only the width not the depth. I am starting work on a table and enclosure soon.

Thanks for the reply!

they’re on this forum! Woodworker Spec Sheet and Footprint Layout

Thanks Mark I appreciate it!

Don’t forget that the suck-it boot adds to the depth - it’s mentioned several times on the forum.

Thanks Craig I will keep that in mind when I am building my enclosure.

Ok so I haven’t ordered my unit quite yet because I have questions on controllers. Now that Onefinity has decided to sell the CNC as customizable with or without the buildbotics controller leaves me options and more questions as I learn. I have read some different opinions on the buildbotics controller that is supplied with the CNC. I agree with most folks that the pause and resume function would be very handy and useful and a must have. I guess the BB controller does not have it at this time. Do you plan on adding these functions to the existing controller in the near future? Does anybody have a list of controllers for a novice that will work well with the Onefinity CNC that have these functions? Any advice is greatly appreciated and I am learning a lot in the meantime.

There mose definitely is a pause and resume you cannot power off however and resume. You can however return to zero… Power off and not rehome…set zero and rerun the toolpath.

If you do not have experience with another controller theirs will be great. Those that have issues are generally coming from something else. I did not come in with any experience or expectations beyond its ability as I researched the heck out of the buildbotics andy workflows ard designed to work with it.

Just for clarity, the BB controller does allow you to pause/resume (aka - pause a job, and click play again, and resume). It all depends on what you want to do during that “pause”. Some controllers let you jog around to say change a tool, or whatever, and resume - knowing where to go back to. To my knowledge BB does not.

One feature BB does not support though is feed override during a job (speed up/slow down overall travel speeds). This is fairly common in other controllers.

tl;dr - BB is fine for beginners, but can be finicky, if you’re a power user and tech savvy you’ll want more, if you just want to cut stuff out repeatedly works.

If you’re not experienced, or just want something “that works” - the BB controller is fine. If I didn’t have experience with so many other systems, and build out workflows and methods that relied on missing features it wouldn’t be an issue. If you like to experiment, and don’t mind the extra time required to build out and setup a new controller, go for it.

As for options:
Hobby (these all include drivers on the boards)

  • OpenBuilds
  • CNC-xPro-v5 (I’m currently working with this one, and building out documentation, and adapter cables, brackets for limit switches, etc.)
  • TinyG


Just a few options, there are many hobby grade / 3D Printer style controllers out there as well, but I’d recommend something with good drivers (support for 2.8a Nema23).

The Pros/Cons go both ways, as it’s not just the controller, but what software does it support, and do you want to be tethered to a dedicated PC or not. Some have wifi, so you can control it from another system, tablet or whatever, others require dedicated software (Acorn). I could go on for days about all this, so feel free to DM me if you want more info.

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I can’t thank you enough for the information you have provided. Can you please explain a little further on “ cannot power off“ I do like to tinker I am very computer and tech savvy. I also have some experience with RPi3

I accidentally typed my response below that was meant for you… My bad! Thank you for the information it will help in making my decision for sure!

Well I am Also getting used to replying on these forms Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah

When powering off the controller it loses its homing location and zero locations. If you re home it and can rezero to an existing project location you can start over. Alternately, you can skip the homing sequence but then the machine doesn’t know its safe boundaries.

If you are just stopping for the night or dinner etc, you can simply pause and resume when ready. While paused you cannot move anything. The controller would remain on.