Orders are now OPEN! 9/7/2020

We’ve opened up orders again! These orders will start shipping in December.


I am so excited for you as well as for myself. Never in all my dealings with preorders have I seen a company actually be ahead of the timeline.


I ordered my woodworkers cnc today. Have been wanting for the last 4 months. So excited to start and learn about the onefinity and all the possibilities. Of course I will be waiting till December, but believe it is worth the wait.

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I was just curious, Are the OFs ordered now, still considered pre-order? And, will they come with the upgraded Z Axis/Stiffy? Just looking to understand everything that I should be looking for in my, YAY😀…December order. Order No. 11000. I have had to wait until my home completed refi, which took almost 6 months. Crazy times we are all living in today.

There is no upgraded Z axis upgrade. What was the ‘upgrade’ from the beta machine is standard on all units that are shipped for production.
All orders currently get the stiffy for free. The dust boot does not come with the unit for free any-longer.

Thank you for the info. I ordered a dust boot and probe, will be ordering the laser in a few months. I understand you are still working on a secure mount. Thank you for such an awesome product and all the hard work you are all putting in.

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The mount was just finalized! It will ship with all orders.

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Just ordered my laser. Should I just have it added to my current order? No. 11000… instead of multiple shipments. You all are doing amazing stuff. Thank you for everything during these trying and difficult times.