Cyber Monday 11/27/23

Hello to our Onefinity Customers!

We would like to begin by thanking each and every one of you for allowing us the opportunity to bring the Onefinity CNC machine into your homes and businesses! It’s because of your faith in us that our first few years have been absolutely amazing!

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, we will be announcing something each day for a full week, starting on Monday, November 27th. We will begin taking orders on Monday December 4th at 10am est.

Thank you again for making the Onefinity CNC machine and community so amazing! We will continue to strive to bring our community the most innovative and quality products, always putting our customers first!

Be safe, be well, and stay tuned! :blush:


The Entire Onefinity Family

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, you are welcome to reach out to us either by email at or give us a call at 1888 717 4242.

Just in case you missed our announcement last month, we now offer an upgrade path to go from a non-elite machine to an Elite machine without buying a whole new CNC!

At Onefinity, upgradeability is at the heart of every machine we make. Feel comfortable that as your CNC skills grow, your machine can grow along with you!


Oh man Onefinity, again?! I wish you would announce the new stuff this week instead of on cyber monday. It would help me moderate my budget and spending better on friday, and queue me to not eat too much before I even know what is on the table for dessert…

Not entirely serious. Maybe like 10% serious :sweat_smile:. Can’t wait though! [Crossing fingers for a couple things…]


Fingers crossed for another jtech partnership. 2 years ago I didnt have any lasers. Now I have diodes, a CO2, and just picked up a 60w mopa. Too much fun.


My hope is there will be an ATC in collaboration with PWN. If that is so it will be a Christmas gift to myself.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a 43mm Euro Spindle Z-Slider. It’s been on the “Feature Request” board for quite some time so hoping Santa delivers one for Christmas this year!! :santa:t2:

A Boy can Dream…

Crossing fingers for a ferrous metal machine to challenge the Langmuir MR-1.

Hey Alex,

I think what makes it less interesting at second sight is that first the people follow the links and are overwhelmed of how cool that type of milling motor is for a cnc router, but then they realize that it will not have the price of under $100 like the Makita hand trim router, but rather $500 up… If you think of how many people buy the chinese crap spindle/VFD/water pump/aviation connector/spindle holder unusable on Onefinity kits for sometimes under $300…

And Daniel’s @PwnCNC’s Spindle/VFD/complete cabling ready-to-use kit is at nearly $1000 ($949.99 / 1.5 kW - 110 V / $974.99 / 2.2 kW 230 V to be exact). And we know people do not always think logically… (especially not in the black/cyber week :slight_smile:)


You got your wish on day 1!

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Day 1 Announcement:

Introducing The New J Tech Photonics, Inc. 44w Octo-Pro Laser. The Worlds Most Powerful Diode Laser!

Plug And Plug with all Onefinity CNC Models!

CO2 power in a Diode package!

Orders go live on Dec 4th, 2023 on our website,

Read more on the blog post here:


Oh how I wish I could afford that! Are y’all planning on making a video or anything to demonstrate the laser’s capabilities?

edit: Nevermind. I see there is a video

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Good day, I see the laser comes with the magnetic shroud, but will it come with the mount? Thanx

yes, they all come with the mounts.

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The link for the air pump lists four different models. Which one do we need? Is there any benefit to buying a larger one?

Any will work, but the bigger you get, the better air and deeper cutting you will be able to achive.

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Indeed. Now to sell my 24 and get on the list for a 44. Id go ahead and pony up immediately but i literally just took delivery of my fiber laser two weeks ago and my wallet would like to recover from that!

It would be nice to see demos of how it does engraving. I know these are often billed as cutting lasers (and in the 40w range i begin to agree with that) but i used my 24 for deep engraving more than cutting. I suspect the maximum engraving speed won’t be much better than the 24 or even the 14 given the relatively slow speeds of a cnc machine, but I would want to make sure it can operate at low powers reliably. If you’ve ever used a higher power CO2 cutter (we’re talking relative terms of course) some have a minimum threshold for current to even fire.


day 2:

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day 3:

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Day 4:

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Does the original controller not have the capability to accept a tool setter? Will there ever be one for non-elites?