7/11/2020 update

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Production Update

Hello Onefinity Subscribers!

I hope this update message finds you doing well and keeping safe! It is with great pleasure that I share with all of you that our production parts have begun to arrive! We have received our first batch of Stepper Motors, Power Supplies, much of the hardware parts and some cabling. Scheduled to arrive this coming week are the first batches of the Linear Motion Shafts, Ball Screws, Bearings and hardware. The following week brings the machined aluminum parts (Rail Ends, Gantry Blocks and some of the Z-Slider components). The tooling for the controller housing is scheduled to be completed next week and we anticipate receiving first off samples within a few of weeks. We had a great meeting with our shipping box designer/manufacture this week and should see a final design sample within a week or two. There are a lot of moving parts and I could go on, but rest assured our team is on top of everything and we are still on schedule to start shipping units in the later half of August. Please ensure you sign up to our official forum as we plan to post pictures of the assembly as it begins. https://forum.onefinitycnc.com/

In addition to working aggressively on production, we have also been working with several businesses to bring you some great accessories. We are very close to finalizing our Triquetra’s Touch Probe specific for the Onefinity! It looks amazing and it will be available for purchase on our website in the coming weeks. We are also working very closely with J-Tech to offer an official Onefinity laser! In addition, we have been in contact with Bits and Bits and will have a few starter end mill/cutter packages available that have been specifically chosen by some of our beta testers!

Many of you have been asking about software! We have just confirmed an agreement with Vectric to offer customers their fantastic professional CAD software. We are also working with Carveco to be able to offer their software as another great option for Onefinity customers. Both software’s are great and offer a variety of packages ranging from entry level to professional. In addition, we have been working with Fusion 360 to ensure a Onefinity post processor is available.

Shortly, we will be adding an accessories list to our website that includes all of the above along with a few other cool accessories.

These are just a few of the things we have been working on to not only deliver customers the best CNC we can, but to offer a wide range of complimentary accessories and services to make it easier for Onefinity users to get going on their projects!

As more material arrives, and assembly progresses, we will have more information available on our website and our new forum! We will include pictures and videos of progress, testing, and of course, the Onefinity itself! The next few weeks will provide a lot more visual progress that we can share as production parts continue to arrive.

Stay tuned!


All great news! Keep it up guys.

Amazing can’t wait for photos etc. Thanks for your hard work

Wonderful developments! It’s really nice to read that - straight from the start - you team up with other players to provide us with access to optimized hard- and softwares. :slight_smile:

If it comes as an attractive all-in package deal that ships together with the Onefinity, I might as well…

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Sounds amazing can not wait for more information as well as additional items to become available. Hopefully not to long before an 80mm size spindle holder is available or maybe a spindle package.

On target
My question is I was thinking first batch was going out earlier than that
Forgive me if I wrong

Are we talking a discount to get Vectric software? Or are you becoming a reseller?

Touch Probe will be great to see it working, more than likely a day one purchase.

Would love to hear more about the possible 4 axis capabilities coming, if there’s any info on that. :smiley:

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In regards to a spindle: 1) a 80mm mount will come, but it’s not high on our priority list. 2) We will more than likely never do a spindle package, there’s a lot of headaches that come with it (people wiring up their own 110-220v is quite a liability.) We won’t ‘officially’ support spindles. They will be a , yes, it will work, and there are options for it, but use at your own risk. We will only officially support the Makita trim router for now. Our focus is 100% getting the machine into the preorder hands and making the base models perform 100%. Is that to say you put it in and have a problem we won’t try to solve it for you? No, we will do our best. We have some other accessories in the pipeline that we think are worth investing the time and r/d into.


Unfortunately Vetric sets the msrp. We will be a reseller (but each license we sell allows us to reinvest back into Onefinity and come up with more support and products!)
We’re very excited to share the touch probe soon! It will be available to order before units start shipping.
4 axis is very low on the list currently. We have no info to share at this time.


That’s what we set out to do when we formed Onefinity. There are established players in the CNC area with a wealth of knowledge. Instead of competing with them, why not team up and have a collective working towards a greater good! Then end goal for us all is to Make, and do it the best, easiest, and most advanced way possible!


Thanks for the follow up info greatly appreciate the additional information and totally understand the liability issues doing a spindle would add to the company. Keep up the awesome work cant wait to see what else is coming. May want to make extras have a feeling you will sell out of the accessories just as quick

Fantastic News… Can’t wait to see what you guys share in the coming weeks. Keep up the open communication it will keep everyone actively involved, and engaged.

:+1: :metal:

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Makita it is for me as recommended by the manufacturer can’t go wrong with that.

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Totally agree @Mmendez , I ran my DeWalt 611 on my X-Carve (recommended Spindle) for 4 years without issue. Nothing wrong with a proven name and recommended product.

For those who are looking to push things a bit the extra oomph of a larger spindle can make all the difference. Personally, noise was a huge factor for me on the DeWalt more than anything. Yes you still have a vac system running (most of the time) but the high pitch sound of that router for 2-3hrs at a time was (at least for me) something I would like to avoid as part of the graduation to OneFinity.

Again, everyone has unique needs, and experience levels so by all means; do what makes sense for you. Especially for new to CNC users, I would HIGHLY recommend using the Makita that is recommended (why introduce another unknown variable that could only complicated your experience).

Cheers’ :beers:

Man. I came to see if there was another update since it had been so long since this one. Turns out it was 10 days. How am I going to make it to Sept?


As much as I’d love to see one line 4-5 days a week sometimes that just can’t be and we have to occupy ourselves learning and working on files etc.

Yeah. This was more of a comment on how slow time is going and not so much about Onefinity.

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@onefinitycnc once a week to twice a month would be nice for updates, but only if it doesn’t significantly slow production down. Time does go very slowly when waiting for new systems for sure. Can’t wait to see pics of the machines and control boxes. I’m sure it’s even nicer and more refined than the betas. Thanks @onefinitycnc!

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