7/25/2020 updates

We’re making great headway at getting the first units assembled! We’re waiting on just a few parts at the moment. We’ll be doing an email blast and post very soon with pictures of production. Everything is still on track for the shipping table!


Looking forward to seeing them… like a kid on Christmas morning!!

Onefinity any idea when you will be selling software and bits through the site so you get credit for items we purchase?

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Hey Kurt… We are hoping to have the accessories available for sale within a week or so. We will send out an email blast before hand. We just recieved the Onefinity banded Jtech laser and the final version of the Onefinity branded Triquetra touch probe. We need to take some nice pics and stuff.


@onefinitycnc, very much appreciate you dropping this. I’d very much looking forward to seeing the first units in paying customers hands and the knowledge base to start growing.


I just bought a jtech laser for my Shapeoko Xxl. What’s different with the jtech laser you guys will have for Onefinity?

They will be very similar. You will need a mount though which we will have avaliable.

I already have a Jtech 7W laser… Is it not compatible with the 1F machine?

yes. you’ll just need a way to mount it.