Accessories For The Onefinity

Hello Onefinity Customers!

I hope this update finds you doing well and keeping safe! It is with great pleasure that I share with you, that our accessories will be available for purchase Monday August 10th, 2020. As a way of showing our continued appreciation, all PRE-ORDER customers will receive 15% off any accessories, plus free shipping. This offer will be available until August 17, 2020. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to those who backed us from the very beginning.

Important note:

If you purchase accessories, they will ship with your Onefinity CNC machine and not before. If you would like them ahead of time, please contact us. If we are able to accommodate we will, however, there will be a shipping charge.

In addition to the 15% discount, all pre-orders will be receiving the upgraded Suckit Dust Boot Pro free of charge.

Two accessories that we feel you will really appreciate, are the Touch Probe and the Joy Stick. We highly recommend picking them up if your budget allows.

Note on Software: Please be patient with us as we work through the License transfers. Our goal is to get your licence to you within 48 hours, however, it may take a bit longer.

Accessories Sale applies for Onefinity Pre-order customers only.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with anything please email us at or give us a call at 1888 717 4242.

Please use coupon code: PREACC0567 to receive your 15% off.

You can purchase your accessories here:


Onefinity that is awesome really appreciate the update and the additional savings via the discount code. I’m assuming the discount will not apply to the vectric software?

Once again, proving we have all spent our hard earned money with the right company. Huge thanks to everyone at Onefinity for your tireless efforts and dedication to putting quality, value and customer service before all else. You’re quickly building a dedicated group of users . . . even before delivery!

Like KTH71, I’m curious about the software discount as well. If purchasing from you will put some of the price back into your pockets, I’ll happily wait (not being able to save completed projects in the trial version is getting really old :smirk:).

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Hey Kurt… It actually does!.. As long as you purchased a Onefinity.

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Okay, I have my cc, when will we be able to order? Every accessory is marked out of stock and no button to order backorder.

If you can pop a flare when the website is ready we’d appreciate it.

See now thats what I’m talking about as far as I know you are the only ones discounting the vectric pro software from the 699.00 retail price. One more reason I’m glad I went with the onefinity.

Tomorrow you will be able to.


For someone who claims to read at a high comprehension I sure miss the obvious sometimes. Thanx

I don’t see the accessories listed on the Canadian site. Do I simply order through the American one?

Hey Marcel… We’ll have the Accessories on the Canadian site later this week. We will extend the discount time frame accordingly.

Do we need order the Dust Boot with our other accessories or does it automatically arrive with our pre-order? Thanks

when the Onefinity Suckit Vacuum Hose and Router Cable Boom
ready to purchase ?

One touch probe ordered!!!


No, do NOT order a dust boot…you’ll end up with 2.


There’s only one exception (at this point) and that is the Hose and Router Cable Boom. Since we are working with a fellow maker and he sells it on his Etsy shop, it’s a little more tricky to get the purchase button to link. They ARE IN STOCK on his Etsy page. That link is in the product description and we also posted it below. Thanks and be safe!

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The discount is nice, but I don’t get my machine until November. Can you extend the discount to customers until at least a month after they’ve received their machines?