Introducing the Elite Z-20 Motor Brake | Announcments


Onefinity is excited to announce the Elite Z-20 Braking Motor!

The Elite Z-20 Braking Closed Loop Stepper Motor is a plug and play solution that can be easily installed on your Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider). It features a reliable braking system that ensures the spindle doesn’t drop when powering off your Onefinity.

This motor is ideal for Elite Z-20 customers that have added an 80mm Spindle.

Important Note: The Elite Z-20 Braking Closed Loop Stepper Motor is for Elite Machines Only.

Important: The Elite Z-20 Braking Motor will go on sale December 4, 2023. A limited number of Elite Z-20 Braking Closed Loop Stepper Motor will ship before Christmas. First orders will start shipping in 1-2 weeks.

Elite Z-20 Braking Closed Loop Stepper Motor
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Be safe, be well, and stay tuned for our next announcement tomorrow! :blush:


The Entire Onefinity Family

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Love this. Will it be included on Elites ordered but yet to ship? If not, can we alter our orders to have it included rather than doing it after the fact and incurring additional shipping?

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No, it’s an add on that won’t be live until december 4th. you can place an order for it when it goes live separately.

This looks like it will be a simple and effective fix for Elite users experiencing spindle drop. I am awaiting my Elite upgrade so not sure if this will be needed with my 65mm spindle.

P.S. @OnefinityCNC several of the videos and link use “brake” and “break” in the descriptions. I suppose the main purpose of the brake is to avoid experiencing a bit break :slight_smile:


We’ve only seen the need for it on 80mm heavy spindles.

Yes, we screwed up on some of the spelling lol. We’ve corrected it but the links won’t refresh with the corrected spelling. Oh well, we’re all human. :slight_smile:


I will be adding as I wait on my upgrade kit. I am ok with the additional cost as I was going to buy another stepper motor for my rotary, to have them match…


If I order the Elite upgrade with the Z-20 80mm Slider for my X-50 Woodworker now while the price is reduced, I will have to buy another motor on Dec 4th?

the break is an add on. If you want the break, you will need to purchase it separately.

Will never be an add-on for the Elite Upgrade?
Not available on the IPP site?

Hi Joel,
Yes, you just purchase the item here:

You just buy it outright, no trade in or ipp for it. Keep whatever motor it replaces. It’s always good to have a backup on hand.

Yes- please! that would be appropriate and sweet!

Well, it certainly looks like OneFinity is listening to it’s customers. Can’t wait to see what else will be announced this week.

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Hey OnefinityCNC,

in the datasheet of a stepper driver that supports motors with brake, I can find the conditions in which one would want the brake to be activated:

Brake is fixed at:

  • Alarm Signal active
  • Enable Signal inactive
  • Error in the power connection of the motor
  • Error in the power connection of the brake

I ask myself if the solution presented here fulfils all four requirements. As the brake control is integrated inside the motor driver’s housing, this could be possible without altering the external wiring. Just to be sure. I ask this because all the users complaining about spindle dropping since the advent of Z-20 “heavy” slider with the steeper ball screw pitch wanted to have their spindle cease dropping not (only) on power down, but on initial check of the MASSO G3 Touch emergency button. And on possible motor power supply error and motor alarm surely too!

By the way, @Mrd, does your solution fulfil all four conditions?

Yes, the brake solution i added does fufill those conditions.

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Will this Z-20 brake ever be available for the X-50 (older Buildbotics machines)?

Hi Jim , from what I understand it is only for the elite as it has a closed loop stepper . That said , regular open loop steppers are available with an electromagnetic brake that essentially does the same thing . And in reading the info on buildbotics controller , it is possible to program it to trigger a relay to fire the brake circuit . Hope this helps . :wink:

I noticed when I went to install the new brake motor that when the old motor was removed, the Z axis had about .020 lift/ play, does 1F rely on the motor coupling to limit the upward play in the ball screw, the other ball screws have a nut on the end to tighten to eliminate end play.
Any help is appreciated.