Elite Replacement Stepper motor kit (or recommendation) with Electronic Brake for Z axis

There’s been a few discussions on the forums about a 2.2KW spindle dropping after pressing the E-stop or powering off the machine. My spindle drops rather rapidly when I press the e-stop or power off the machine. I think people are implementing a few different solutions, but the one most appealing to a few of us is to swap out the Z-axis motor with one that has electronic brake.
(Spindle/Z Slider dropping down on Poweroff/Estop (Elite Series))

Since this seems like both a safety issue as well as a practical one (could damage work, or motor could become damaged spinning with power off), I’d really appreciate if Onefinity could either offer or recommend a relatively simple swap out solution.

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I understand the concern, since what you describe is what prompted me to replace my non-Masso Z axis motor with one that uses a brake. In my opinion it is the best overall solution but comes with a cost and requires some electrical work, both of which I was comfortable with.

Onefinity clearly acknowledges the popularity and use of spindles with its CNC offerings, to my knowledge they still do not officially support their use. Until that changes, I do not imagine them offering alternative Z axis stepper motors - closed loop or other - any time soon. Also, as mentioned above, there is wiring involved for the brake, which although not difficult, adds complexity, and perhaps also more people-hours for busy support staff.

I can think of a few ways it could be done, but all require extra time and effort for Onefinity.

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Wonder if installing the older lead screw that had less of a pitch is an option… you’d lose some speed on the Z axis obviously.

Yeah, unfortunately the faster speed is half the reason I purchased the elite. The really long carvings I’m doing are substantially faster, almost to the point of saving 50%. When I’m doing a 12 hour carve, saving 6 hours is enormous… so I’m really motivated to make this work somehow without endangering my z-stepper or my project when I need to suddenly stop the machine.

I think TMToronto is right for the most part, but I’m holding out hope that Onefinity knows that many of us want this and will someday provide some support to limit our risk.

I use a Masso G3 but not an Elite machine. I think there are some challenges associated with Onefinity providing a solution.

From my experience I can think of the following…

The easy part:
1)Use their buying power/connections to source a closed loop Nema 23 high torque stepper motor with break
2)Wire it so that the motor connection is plug and play with their Elite control box/Masso Touch

The hard part:
1)Almost all (all?) of the motor breaks I have seen for this size stepper are 24VDC, and I am not sure if the Elite box has a 24V PSU or just the 36V PSU stepped down for the Touch
2)If there is a 24VDC supply, there needs to be a safe way to tap into it for the brake, but I do not think any extra free holes/connectors are present currently.
3)There are many ways to wire the brake for control (mine is part of my Estop safety circuit which uses one of my Masso relay modules), but this adds complexity for the user, especially depending on how it they decide to wire it - again meaning the need to open the Elite control box etc…
4)There should probably be a flyback diode incorporated into the circuit which adds cost/labour