Hooray news of the upgrade

I am surprised that the upgrade news is not splashed all over this forum today. I got an email from 1F today and i am excited to finally have this news. long story short the plan is octobrer. Hmm I wonder if they knew that is my birthday LOL. So looking forward to this.

Hello Onefinity Customers!

We hope this message finds you well! We would first like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support. We truly appreciate it!

We are excited to announce that the Elite upgrade kit will be available for purchase sometime in October with the first kits delivering before Christmas. We have spent countless hours working through the logistics, putting the final touches on the B.O.M (Bill of Materials), finalizing the videos and manuals and receiving feedback from beta testers. We apologize for the delay in releasing this kit, however, when we launched the Elite series, demand was overwhelming and continues to be strong. Because of this, we needed to ensure MASSO was able to meet the demand and provide consistent deliveries before announcing the upgrade kit.

We will announce the date the kits will go on sale, along with pricing a few weeks before taking orders. So please keep an eye on your inbox, social media, and our Onefinity Forum (https://forum.onefinitycnc.com/).

We, at Onefinity CNC, value all our customers; past, present, and future which is why we have taken a great deal of time designing our products so that existing customers can take advantage of the latest product improvements and innovations. When upgrading, some parts will no longer be required. To ensure perfectly good parts don’t collect dust or end up in the trash, we bring the unused parts back, refurbish them and use them to create machines that we donate to veterans, via our Infinite Possibilities Program! We will have exciting changes coming to our I.P. Program in October, so stay tuned for this!

In addition to the upgrade kit announcement, as of June 2023, all Onefinity CNC machines come with a ¼” down cut bit courtesy of Bits & Bits (bitsbits.com). They are also offering their bits at 20% off to all Onefinity customers! If you are a Onefinity owner, please use code 1F20 to receive your discount.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, you are welcome to reach out to us either by email at info@onefinitycnc.com or give us a call at: 1-888-717-4242


The Entire Onefinity Family

This is apparently great news except I don’t fully understand the significance. Please explain what this upgrade is. I have an original Woodworker with stiffy rail (Buildbotics controller) and Makita trim router. What’s in the upgrade?

It will provide new/additional/improved functionality through Masso hardware and software - Touch controller, closed loop stepper motors, and IR homing sensors (unconfirmed). Not sure about the Z20 assembly option.

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Hey Michael,

the link is here:


This is great news. I know many others were asking about this for a long time!
Thanks Onefinity team.


Perfect. You’re the best.

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I remain interested but unsure if the upgrade is worthwhile. The only thing that my Journeyman with heavy z doesn’t do without any fuss is a rotary axis, and that is in all fairness a niche thing (at least for me). Closed loop steppers to me seem more of an academic upgrade than a realistically perceptible one- if missed steps have ever been a problem for me, they’ve been such a nonissue I have yet to notice. 50MM rails on the y axes seem nice but I’m doubtful that my Y axis has yet greatly hindered me. It is certainly a nice product, I just don’t see how we can possibly anticipate an upgrade that is cheaper than just selling a functional X35 or X50 and buying a Masso model from the factory instead.

At this point I’d probably be more thrilled for a 36/48watt Jtech laser to blind myself with. I run my Journeyman pretty fast at times and other than lasering I’ve never had the thought that the speeds of my machine were holding me back (I often laser at 180 in/min when rastering, or try to).

The price will probably be a large part of my decision making matrix.