Elite Upgrade Kit Ordered (discussion)

Just placed my order. Very simple process. Who else has made the plunge today?

Can’t wait to upgrade…


I did make the plunge as well


Order #42635 for me as well.

What lead time are you looking at?

I thought it was going to be cheaper since we are sending in our previous hardware.

Seems like it’s a better deal to sell existing machine and buy ELITE.


HOW DID YOU DO IT?!? I am trying to find a link to click, I’m an IPP member, but can’t find a link

3-4 weeks for the first kits.

They don’t have the numbers posted on the chart yet, but if i get it before Christmas I will be pleasantly surprised… I am 42628

The link is in the Infinite possibilities conformation email.

Tyler, did you resign up. they had a post that said you had to resign up for the newest IPP?
It only took like 5 minutes to get the link back and the password.

Order No. 42633 right here!

Depends on your tolerance for waiting and hassle… Order new and you get a one year warranty and all new and then you have to deal with selling used machine and that hassle. Or for about half the price or less, depending on what you upgraded in the past, you get all the new technical stuff and can swap out in a day and oh by the way, ONEFINITY gives you a 1 year WARRANTY on your ENTIRE machine. Since mine is several years old, it is like i am getting a new machine for half the price of a new one…

If only upgrading your car/truck was as easy and cheap…


I paid 2600 for a brand new Journeyman two years ago (good deal!)
Paying another 2000 for a screen, motors and a new Z doesn’t seem to be a great deal, considering that I am returning and subsidizing ONEFINITY’s future sales of BB hardware through IPP.

A brand new ELITE Journeyman is $3600 (good deal!)

The swap however is not even close to a good deal.


Was going to press the go button but not at the price stated and having to return kit, whilst retaining rails and screws that have been worked hard since I had the machine
Might look at a new Elite Woodworker in the new year or may move to something more commercial
Little disappointed at the cost


Apparently the email had to go to Pluto and back again… Finally was able to get link and purchase!

You are correct, for some it may be a better deal to sell and purchase new. I just prefer this option with limited downtime, extended warranty, mine is 2 1/2 years old already, and I have done several upgrades already, so cost was $1875, essentially valuing the rails and gantry at 1750ish.

If you can sell yours for 2600 used(not sure that is possible given that new is 2800ish), and buy new for 3600, you saved potentially 875 dollars. For me it was not worth the hassle… I know, I know, first world problems…


A savings of 875 is enough to buy a Bambu P1S, just saying :wink:

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If only I had time to learn one more thing :rofl:

Am I completely happy with the upgrade price… No… But am I happy that there is an upgrade with all the parts and pieces being delivered to door without me having to go down the rabbit hole. And the parts that are being replaced are the most likely to have issues and I get a longer warranty on those AND the rest of the machine!!! I’m down with that.

@Dustoff00 And on learning one more thing… Learn what the droids can do and then get them working while you sit back and watch…errrrr… Find something else to tinker with or buy or break or…


I know exactly what you are saying, but I am just too swamped with real work and side hustle work to take on another learning path of 3D Printing. Although I am sure there is lots similar activity that is transferable and I would love to do it, but I suspect that I would make a purchase and I would not even get started for 6-12+ months…

For all the posters saying it is not worth it, we all value things a bit differently. In my case my time is the most valuable thing to me. My rationale to spend a bit more is the time spent prepping a machine for sale, telling multiple inquiries that I will not take $500 less than posted and I will not include shipping, a period of 6+ weeks that I can’t use while I wait on delivery of the new, more than offsets the additional savings. I waited for the kit, as I know it would be plug and play. I am sure I could have saved money by doing it myself, but that would have been another time suck…