ELITE Upgrade Kit FAQ (Official Thread)

More Information on the Elite upgrade kit.

What is the elite upgrade kit and who is it for?

The elite upgrade kit is only for users who have non-elite machines (x-35/x-50) who want to turn them into elite machines. If you already have an Elite machine, this kit is not for you as you already have everything in the kit.

Is this Upgrade program trading in my full machine?
No. This is not a full machine trade in. You are not sending us your full machine in exchange for a new machine. This upgrade kit is a handful of parts to take your current, non-elite machine and change it into a Elite model. Some customers still have yet to unbox their current Onefinity. We will not be taking your unboxed machine in exchange for a new one. You must unbox your machine and upgrade via the components in the kit.

Do the kits upgrade from smaller size to a larger size machine?

No. The elite upgrade kit will only include the electronics, motors, and wiring to go from a non-elite to an elite version of your machine. The upgrade kit does not upgrade from a smaller rail size to a larger rail size. Unfortunately, Due to the cost of multiple Y rails (and possibly an x rail) needed and shipping, it’s financially impractical and more economical for users to purchase a full Foreman machine.
If you need the Elite Foreman 4x4, you’ll want to purchase the whole machine here: https://www.onefinitycnc.com/product-page/elite-foreman-48-x48-cut-area

Upgrade kit possibilities:

X35 Woodworker → Elite Woodworker

X50 Woodworker → Elite Woodworker

X50 Journeyman → Elite Journeyman

What is the cost of the upgrade?

With the Z-20 Z slider: $1875 usd
Without the Z-20 Z slider: $2100 usd

How can I buy the elite upgrade kit?

The kit is now live:

What is the Password for the IPP purchase page on the Onefinity website?
The password is sent to your email after you sign up for the Infinite Possibilities Program. It will be located in the body of the email message you receive.

I’ve already signed up and purchased from the IPP Program in the past, do I need to re-sign up?
Yes, you must must sign up again. You need to sign the agreement to ship back your replaced products.

What is included in the kits?

Depending on the kit you will need, items included are:

  • Masso Controller (Suggested MSRP $1290 US)
  • Masso Closed Loop Steppers for all Axis.(1.2nm for all axis)
  • all new wiring (different connectors)
  • all new drag chains, drag chain raceways, and connecting hardware.
  • homing sensors and wiring
  • homing triggers
  • wire caps and holders
  • Power supply and relay control box
  • various hardware
  • Z-20 Heavy Duty Z Slider (optional depending on if you already have a z-20 slider) (See This FAQ to determine what Z Slider you have: Z-20 vs. Z-16 Z Slider Physical Differences) (Elite machines require a z-20 and cannot use a z-16)

Is The Stiffy/3rd rail part of the Elite upgrade kit?
The Stiffy (3rd rail) is OPTIONAL. It is not needed to make an elite machine an can be purchased at any time.

How many different kits will there be and which one will I need?
There will be approximately 6 different kits offered. All kits will be 90% similar with some differences in wire length and a few other parts. A chart will be released that you can follow on November 2nd to help you choose which kit is right for your machine type.

What parts do I ship back to Onefinity?

Inside of your upgrade kit there will be a prepaid return label for your replaced parts.

You will return:

  • The BB (Buildbotics) controller and power plug.
  • Non-elite Stepper Motors
  • Original Touch Screen and all its cables
  • If your kit includes a Z-20 Z Slider, you will return your original Z-16 Z slider.

These parts will be reused by us to make machines for the IPP program. More on that below.

How long do we have to return the parts we remove?
30 days upon receipt of the upgrade kit.

What is my machine order number? Can I look this up on your website?

Orders numbers are emailed to you when you place an order. They are five digits and start with a 1,2,3,4 or 5. It is not possible to look up your order on our website at this time. If you need to find out your order number, please contact us at info@onefinitycnc.com

Can I use the wall mount with the Elite machine?
No, we do not recommend using an Elite machine with the wall mount.

What Warranty do I get?
In addition, we are very excited to announce that with the purchase of the Elite Upgrade Kit you will be receiving a complete one (1) year warranty on your entire machine! Not only will the components in the Elite Upgrade Kit receive a one (1) year warranty, we will be extending that warranty to cover the existing components (as long as they are currently in good working order!) To clarify, when you purchase an Elite Upgrade Kit, your entire Onefinity CNC will be upgraded to have a full one (1) year warranty even if your machine is 3+ years old. Cool, right? It’s like getting a brand new machine!

When do the Elite upgrade kits start shipping?
Shipping now!

What is the IPP Program?
This program takes your traded in rails and other items when upgrading and helps us make refurbished machines. We use these machines to offer discounts to military, vets, firefighters, paramedics and police officers. See more on these discounts below.

Do you give discounts to the military/vets/firefighters/paramedics and police officers?
We are now able to provide a discount of 15% for a refurbished Woodworker X35 model with stiffy. (We are unable to apply this discount to any other machine type including x-50 and Elite machines and their upgrade kits). The discount will also apply to CNC accessories except for the laser, software and QCW frames/stands when ordered at the same time with the machine. There is a limited number of machines available at a discount. You will be required to provide proof of service. Contact us at info@onefinitycnc.com for any questions about this discount.


What is the difference between the (X-35) Original Series, (X-50) Pro Series, and the ELITE Series Onefinity CNC Machines?

Onefinity Elite Series Upgrade Kit Installation Video

Onefinity Elite Series Upgrade Kit Installation Manual
Coming Soon.


Reserved for Onefinity #1

Reserved for Onefinity #2

What if you didn’t order the monitor or it’s broken and can’t be returned?

If you didn’t order a monitor, then there isn’t one to return :stuck_out_tongue:
If it’s broken, you can reach out to info@onefinitycnc.com and they can assist you.

Can we donate things we would no longer need such as game controllers we bought outside of Onefinity so they can be put to use by whoever gets our old equipment; or is that just more hassle than it’s worth for you guys?

Definity! That’s so kind! Just drop them in the return box with the required items to send back and they’ll get reused!

Is there an Elite upgrade path for the Machinist model? It isn’t listed in the “Upgrade kit possibilities” but as usual it isn’t mentioned at all. (If it’s not available or not going to be available, that should be specified as well.)

If there is enough interest there can be. Please start a thread in the features request section of this forum. If enough people chime in wanting the same thing, we can make it happen.

That is great news.

On a related note, if you were to ‘qualitatively’ consider the sales data of all machine types, what percentage of sales are represented by the Machinist model? I know @Machinist and, one other made a purchase… so that is 2/xxx xxx :grin:

Just curious how many people we need to get on board :grinning:

So when ordering the Elite upgrade with the Z-20 slider, there is not an option to choose 65mm or 80 mm mount. Is the 65mm shipping with these elite upgrades as the default? Should be an option, otherwise people that need an 80 mm will not get the slider they actually need.


correct. Everyone who ordered with the z-20 will be emailed prior to fulfillment asking which size mount they want.


Is this price in Canadian or USD?

all prices is in usd

Just saw the upgrade price if $1875 and i will say that i was shocked. Bought my Journeyman with X20 slider for $3214 and an Elite Journeyman costs $3650 for a difference of $436. To me to pay half the cost of another machine to upgrade one machine makes less sense than just buying a brand new Elite and having two machines.

The Masso controller is $1290, plus four stepper motors at $137 a piece, four homing sensors at $38 a piece comes to $1990 plus cost of drag chain. Average savings with the Infinite Possibilities program is 60%. To me, this package is at least about $500 overpriced.

I appreciate the work put into it and the fact that you are offering it, but its just not for me.


hi, I have the X50 Journeyman with 32x48" cut area, can I upgrade the Y to 48" to get a 48x48" cut area? Thanks

Per the faq descriptions above, no.

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I think your last statement is the most important one to consider. I imagine this is why Onefinity has been open about encouraging owners to sell existing machines and buy new.

A few thoughts I would add on top of the other points you made:

  1. The upgrade kits were a response from Onefinity to user requests, and (I believe) a commitment on their part to keep existing machines from becoming obsolete while they continue to innovate and add to their product line. I am willing to bet there was at least one point in the last year where the team sat across from each other and asked ‘Do we really want to go ahead with this upgrade program?’
  2. There are other components like the wiring, electronics, custom plastic parts etc… that are included and make the upgrade seamless for those choosing this route - but those add time and component costs as well, that from my experience building my own Masso system I know to quickly add up.
  3. There will be a great deal of extra time needed to package, process, ship, etc… the kits, which I believe needs to be considered. They of course should be expected to work hard for their money, but…
  4. as a business they also need to cover their many costs and also make a profit. Getting the Masso hardware for less than we would pay I am sure helps.
  5. I am guessing that although shipping is an added cost in this upgrade, I imagine it is subsidized to some degree (just a guess however).
  6. The parts going back may be perceived by some as having value (some have brought up the idea of ‘trade in credit’). But these are old parts that would be difficult to sell on their own, and have been used by owners in ways and for durations unknown. Their actual value to others may be limited.
  7. In the end there is now another choice and many options. Which relates again to your last point - It really will depend on individual needs and wants, what one can afford, and how one perceives and determines the value of time, money, etc…

Aren’t the ball screws different on the Elite models as well?