Infinite Possibilities Program

Has 1F thought about including the 65mm mount to this program. Since the 80mm isn’t an option when ordering, just as a stand alone accessory, there’s going to be people with them sitting around with no use. With the cost of shipping there’s probably not much to gain financially but if a spare part could be put to good use that alone would make it worthwhile.

" Through the “Infinite Possibilities Program” existing Onefinity CNC owners will be able to enroll in the program to upgrade their Machinist or Woodworker CNC machines to the new Onefinity X-50 X-Rail of their choice (“X-50 X-Rail”) at a discounted price "

@onefinitycnc Does this mean that you have to purchase the upgrade right away or can you purchase these at anytime after registering?



@onefinitycnc I signed up for the program with the link that was emailed to me but I never got an email with link/password. 10 am is fast approaching and I really want to get this upgrade. Hope it comes! Fingers crossed!


I’d like to sign up for the program and have never received anything. Where do you sign up?

Same with me. I see some on Facebook all ready paid for theirs.

You should have gotten an email with a link to sign up, however onefinity has been having issues for some reason and lots of people (including myself) haven’t received a confirmation email after signing up so most of us just purchased it from the page on the website under upgrades in the shop tab. My order went through and I did receive a confirmation of my order, however its unclear if we will have issues due to not having gotten the email to begin with.

Onefinity really needs to make a post assuring everyone who ordered that their order will be honored. It’s a lot of money for people to spend without confirmation that it will be validated. They really need to take the time to make a quick post to put everyone at ease.

Someone really screwed the pooch on this release. However I am confident they will sort it out and everyone will get their orders, I’m just a little frustrated that I had to jump through hoops to get it and that I am now further down the list of people who ordered due to the fact that I never got a link and it wasn’t up for sale on their site until well after 10am EST.

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Check my response to NickOz

I never got my email and I also don’t have a way to place the order. When I look under upgrades, if just shows the IP Program signup form…


Yes I agree. I have been back and forth with support this morning about the email not received, Which was cleared up with a custom link (thank you 1Fsupport). That being said I am completely in the dark still as there is no machinist option available. Do I select the Woodworker X-50??? Do I select the Journeyman X-50??? Did they simply forget to add the Machinist option too the website??? The ball has been dropped. Someone needs to pick it back up and start running.

The x-50 in the woodworking and journeyman size is more ridged than the x-35 with a stiffy. the x-50, if it was offered in the machinist size does not offer enough rigidity over the x-35 with a stiffy to justify the cost for a customer, which is why we are not offering it as an option.

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Rest assured, if you made an order, you’ll receive it. If you haven’t gotten to place your order yet, you will. We will get it placed for you. PLEASE give us time. We’re a very small company and on days like this, we receive an OVERWHELMING amount of messages, calls, and emails (and some people send every single email address we have the same exact message multiple times…which slows us down). We WILL get to every one of them as we can.


I know I sent two emails, one to “info@” and then after 1F posted to send questions about upgrading to “orders@” I send a second one stating that I had already sent an email. I also signed up for the IP programs. I did receive the password to order the X-50 rails but I was able to order it at the discounted price before getting the email with the password. I don’t want to send more emails, since your team is being flooded with them, but I’m ok with just shipping the 1F without the “stiffy” x rail. I don’t have a trim router so I’ll be waiting for the 80mm to ship. Also I would just rather set up the table and spoil board to the wider Journeyman.

I thought I read somewhere in one of the original announcement posts that the X-50 would be available for the Machinist. I’ve been watching the website but never saw anything show up. Made me start thinking that the Machinist was mentioned by mistake in the release announcement. Hell, I don’t even run the stiffy on mine (makes the Machinist look a bit top-heavy). I did some rather unscientific 35 lb. deflection testing and was seeing no more than +/- .001" in any direction. By comparison, a well-adjusted X-carve was showing +/- .012 with this same test. And this machine had an upgraded Z axis and screw drive conversion. I can’t even begin to guess how bad it might have been on a bone-stock X-carve, taking into consideration outright flex and belt stretch, these test numbers would have been really ugly. To clarify the test, the indicator was resting @ zero and applying the forces read +/- from each side of zero.

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They clarified on a post by @MindOfMcClure yesterday that no x50 for machinist size

I think if you look at the names of the first two machines you can get an idea of their thinking. When it comes to precision and the 35mm tubes flexing the length is extremely important. The machinist are half the length with the idea that the operator will be doing machinist type projects (aluminum). Being shorter lengths it’s precision will meet the expectations. The larger woodworker was expected to work more with materials like plastics and wood.

But, like most things, people were using the woodworker to do aluminum projects. So 1F decided to add the stiffy rail to beef it up. Now they decided to give people the ability to do 48" widths the stiffy rail probably wasn’t going to be enough so they did the next logical step, use larger a diameter. Yes it costs more but it should just make a more robust product. I’m guessing that when they came up with the idea of the machinist and woodworker they probably didn’t anticipate just how much their customers might push the limits.

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My apologies, but I do not understand the Infinite Possibilities form. When asked for the order number, is that your original OF order. Or do you need to place the order for the new and improved rail to receive a ‘new’ order number for the rail to join the Infinite Possibilities Program? I was told by support that there is no time limit to order.

Hi all, I’m interested in signing up, but not sure what the difference between the two are? I have the Woodworker currently but not sure which one is right for me.

the x-50 woodworker is the same cutting size as what you currently have (32"), the x-50 journeyman is 48" cutting size.

It’s the original order number. The infinite Possibilities program is for current owners, so the original order number is required for them to verify.

Has it been posted when they expect the X-50 rails to be ready to ship?