Infinite Possibilities Program

This is what was included in the email they sent out:

“Important: The Onefinity X-50 CNC Machines will go on sale June 10, 2021. First orders will start shipping late August. The X-50 (X-Axis) Upgrades will go on sale June 17, 2021. More to come on the X-50 Upgrades”.

I am “Assuming” it will be around either end of August or beginning of September.

@OnefinityCNC, what is the turn around time required for returning the old axis to you? I received my x50 journeyman upgrade last week but am bot waiting on my qcw which I assume will ship soon as well as hoping to wait on my new workshop to be finished before reworking my setup.

30 days upon receipt of the rail.

How do you go about enrolling in the infinite possibilities program?