EP 10 Onefinity CNC - Infinite Possibilities Program / Trade In Program (Upgrade your CNC Size!)

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a bigger CNC but don’t want to buy a whole new
machine, deal with low ball offers, or Facebooks “is this available?” drama , great news - you don’t have to!
We are very excited to introduce this program to our Onefinity customers! This type of
program is new in the maker community, and we are thrilled that our customers will be
the first to benefit. Our program has been around for a while and many have taken advantage of this offering, but we wanted to make sure all our customers know of it’s benefits.
Unlike other CNCs, Onefinity machines are designed modularly, with upgrades in mind.
When new models/sizes are released, you can upgrade your existing machine just by
replacing the X-rail, not the whole machine!
We have been getting Onefinity CNC machines into eagerly waiting hands since August
2020! There are now thousands of Onefinity CNCs out in the world!
The newly released X-50 Woodworker and X-50 Journeyman creates a new opportunity for our Onefinity customers.
Through the “Infinite Possibilities Program” existing Onefinity CNC owners will
be able to enroll in the program to upgrade their Machinist or Woodworker CNC machines
to the new Onefinity X-50 X-Rail of their choice (“X-50 X-Rail”) at a discounted price. In
exchange for purchasing the X-50 X-Rail at a discounted price, the X-50 X-Rail purchasers
agree to return the X-Rail for their Machinist or Woodworker machine to us. We will
refurbish the old X- Rails and build an inventory of refurbished CNCs to get to Schools,
Makerspaces and Veterans.

Visit https://www.onefinitycnc.com/upgradesinfo to get the ball screw rolling!


What if we are not the original owners of our onefinity? I bought mine barely used and am currently happy with it (x35 woodworker with a stiffy) but ive considered an upgrade.

I just ask as it asks for an order number when inquiring. Makes sense you would want proof of ownership, but not for it only to be available to original customers.

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It would be ok, you’d just need the original order number.

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Is there a way to retrieve that number? I can try and reach out to the guy I bought it from, but I don’t know if he would have it still. I’ve had my woodworker for about a year and a half or so.

Edited to add: luckily i was able to get the order number from the original purchaser, but im sure others will be in a similar spot. Many machines have been sold on this very forum, for instance.

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I am seriously considering upgrading my Woodworker X35 to the X50, as it seems like a solid offer. My only hesitation is that my X35 (with stiffy) has never come up short for me on any task I asked it to do for me. I will probably still take advantage of the upgrade program, but wondering how others here feel?

Is there a similar program for upgrading a Journeyman X-50 to an Elite Journeyman? Thanks!

I would like to know as well, I in the same situation. I just purchased the journeyman right before the elite model was announced.

There will be and they estimate Q2 of this. Year. They want to focus on the launch of the new product to first adopters/purchasers first which makes total sense.

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