New products coming soon - email

New products email

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Any thoughts as to what to expect?

Going to guess longer Y axis. 4x4 setups coming soon?

The current weak point seems to be Makita router. Would be nice to see a Onefinity supported spindle option that is plug and go. And with it an automatic tool changer.


My guesses. Spindle options. Updated controller with 4th axis. Just in time for Christmas. :grinning:

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Complete plug and play spindle option. 48" x 48" Journeyman rails and corresponding QCW base. ATC option. Beefed up cable connectors and a drag chain setup. Still bigger touch screen with a bullet proof stand.:thinking:


controller firmware to support tool/bit setter

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Is there any update on the new products yet today? Just checking that I’m not missing something.

I’ve not seen anything yet. Perhaps they slept in at OneFinity? Would have thought a company in Ontario would have released it hours ago.

Agree. They would get my money sooner if they just released all the products and let me buy them. Nothing special about Cyber Monday. Let’s get a move on.

I am looking to pull the trigger. Have a MakerMade M2 chain-driven vertical CNC that is a nightmare to calibrate. Looking for something more traditional. I am curious to see what is coming before I buy. Hopefully different spindle mounts. I like the thought of a tool changer too but it seems a little out of reach for pricepoint and being a hobbyist CNC.

Really not liking these random release times. I really hope these last two releases are amaze balls