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this topic is more of a general blanket topic and we’ll cover a few different points of interest and so I’m hopeful that someone will offer an insightful response.

I absolutely love my journeyman 50, I do wish that they would make a journeyman with a 48 by 48 cutting surface to help maximize material usage and to accommodate the most common nominal sizes offered in material supply stores, does anyone know if there are plans to do a bigger machine? I know there is a tiling feature and that is all well and good but I just was wondering if this was an option in the immediate future.

My next questions are really geared towards upgrading my system with spindles and VFD’s and all of the other trinkets that would allow me to more accurately control RPM speeds and maximize the use from the machine and the bits, I know there are probably a plethora of topics on this forum that cover a host of different aspects of this conversation but I’d like to try and consolidate this conversation to this post as to avoid a lengthy forum search and get mired through the muck of the comments from years of forum contributors, is there anyone that can offer a simple plug and play system that would allow me to convert from the Makita router to the spindle set up? I know there was a company that was working on one but I didn’t know if there have been any updates and I have since lost track of that manufacturer information.

Lastly, I wandered if there has been any rumors about an ATC? I would LOVE THAT < JUST SAYING!!

No rumors yet, as Onefinity would require substantial demand from those willing to spend the necessary $$$ for them to develop one. @TMToronto has developed one, although he is utilizing an aftermarket Masso controller on his.

Off-topic, but let’s see pics of the “lazy lizard”. I’m very much a lizard lover, myself. Here’s our baby. Sadly, we lost her a few months ago at 16 years old.

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re the atc: my friend just bought an AVID and he got a third party ATC, I’m not sure which company. I’m guessing that that’s a pretty highly engineered thing and more likely to come from a third party.

I think it’s from here but I’m not sure:

My guess is that it is not compatible with the 80mm spindles but I have no actual knowledge.

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A few thoughts after having built my own ATC from the ground up - except for the CNC :grin:

The CNC depot kit is fairly simple and complete for Avid owners. The main components of the box are the VFD, small PSU, solid state relay, and a solenoid valve (there are other components - fuses, switches, etc). For it to work it needs to connect to Avid’s break out board and will be controlled by Mach 3(4?), so no luck with the 1F controller.

The spindle connections, as far as I could tell from the installation PDF, does not use any feedback to the controller to let it know if the tool has been correctly picked up and seated, which if true I do not like. It does have a thermal cut off switch, with the sensor wires bundled in the main spindle/VFD power cable, so at least there is that safety measure to protect from overheating. My Masso G3 and Jianken ATC spindle have given me many options for sensors and failsafes, and I can say they have saved me from making mistakes or breaking things on a few occasions already.

If you did not need or want the ‘walk away’ type of ATC set up, you could easily just get the spindle and connect a pneumatic valve to a foot peddle. At least that way the tool change can be done in a few seconds. I will say that the cost of tooling will increase (also depending on the quality chosen) as you will need multiple tool holder/collet/end mill combinations to take advantage of the functionality.

I have been diving into feeds and speeds for aluminum milling, and have just received my last(?) shipment of end mills and drills that I think (?) I will need for most planned aluminum projects. I will be ready to post videos of these experiments in a few weeks, for those who are interested.


I am very interested in anything to do with cnc ing aluminum

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Thank you for the input!

i have been making aluminum hold downs because the ones i bought on etsy were flimsy crap. and way to high above the project. mine stick up above my project just.100. the entire length of the hold down

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