Makita router alternatives?

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I’m a newbie when it comes to CNC and looking forward to getting my new OneFinity CNC that will be delivered sometime later this month. To prepare for this I am in the process of assembling the extras I need such as a set of starter bits and a router - in addition to building a suitable worktable. Since I’m a newbie I definitely want to start with the Makita router as opposed to a spindle. To that end I went on Amazon and searched for the Makita RT0701C router and to my surprise could not find it (I wanted to order through Amazon because I get a 5% discount if paid with my Discover card). A google search for the router did turn up a few Amazon links, but when clicked all yielded a “sorry we could not find that page” message. I then went to the Tool Nut’s web site and here the item was out of stock. I’m wondering now if this item is being discontinued.

Anyway, Home Depot does show this router in stock at several stores in my area, so that’s probably where I’ll buy it. But it did make me wonder if there are alternatives to the Makita router that will also fit the OneFinity’s 65mm spindle mount. Does anyone know other brands of routers that will work with this mount? And is Makita still the best choice in terms of the limited selection that might be available?

I got mine here (reconditioned) and it’s perfect, and was a great price.

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Thanks for the info. That’s a great price.

I found the same thing but I finally found them at Home Depot. You should be able to order one through their web page.

I just ordered a spare, and will also get some brushes. Having had the x-carve, I was familiar with the screeming banshee that is the DeWalt 611, which is why I ran a smooth, quiet DC spindle most of the time. I was thrilled when I plugged in the Makita router to see that it was every bit as quiet as my DC spindle at 10k rpm.

I’ve never had a VFD, but when I ran the Makita on my SO2/X-Carve I never found it “quiet”. But it is less loud than the Dewalt which has a seriously startling volume.

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End of the day the thing that makes the noise when you are running the machine is not the controller, router, or even the vacuum (if you have a decent one))… its the bit cutting the wood and there is no way around that (aside from lasers). So how quiet the spindle, router, etc. are in my opinion is only a concern until the bit hits the wood.

Just my $.02 and 4 years talking.

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That’s a great point Alex. You definitely can sense how well your cut is going by the tone of the cut itself.

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For my work, that is not the case. Small cutters don’t tend to give much audible feedback. The DeWalt was objectionable in both volume level and tone (not even cutting). Miserable tool, which is why I switched to a DC spindle (the trade-off was poor bearing support on the spindle, but still good enough for the small work I did with it). The Makita seems to be the same volume @ 10k RPM as my DC spindle was. It will scream at higher RPM’s though. The Makita lowest RPM @ 10k was the highest RPM of the DC spindle.

The Makita does have a better lower end than the Dewalt, but nothing can compare to controlling the RPMs for reals. I’m sure that’s in my future, but so many other things need tending to first.


I’ve got the amazon 65mm air cooled spindle, and it is much quieter than the makita and the dewalt. I like the software setting the speed, and turning it on and off. I also like the collet. I don’t like the makita and the dewalt is not much better. The ER11 collets hold much better. I push my machines and love having bits that I can count on not to slip.

Is it worth it, maybe, maybe not. Ben Myers does not think it is, but having the air cooled with less complication and great power, i’m sold. This sells for 288 on amazon.

I also have the 700 watt 110 version that ben tested, and while it was good for my shapeoko, it needs more hp for the way i push my onefinity. They make a 110 volt water cooled but it is more. just gives more options. It is 369.


I understand the push for the 80 mm spindle size mount. I have been looking for option to the router . I am zeroing in on this unit. 220 volt with e-16 collet which allows for a 3/8” shank bit.just more flex ability

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Hello! I’m also a newbie here. I don’t have a CNC yet, I’m just exploring the theme for the moment. I’m about to buy a router first for my cruder works. It seems to me that ppl at woodworking forums are all for Makita. I’m concidering about buying it too. I just wanted to ask again here if you guys still think that it’s the best option, if I also plan two buy Onefinity in about a year or so? I’m pretty sure I finaly buy Makita RT0701C, but I still need a professional approval.

I’ve been using the Makita for 8 months or so. Eventually, I will move to a spindle but I’m in no hurry. Essentially, I’m using the Makita as I grow with the machine.

How are you attaching the 65mm to your machine? Any thoughts on this setup after almost a year?