Customers/Resellers in Italy

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I am in Germany and bought a Journeyman (X-50, non-PRO, non-Elite). Since the EU has a trade agreement with Canada called CETA, and the Onefinity manufacturer is located in Canada, be sure that their canadian address is on the label and on the Invoice. Besides DHL Express shipping of $650, I just had to pay the import VAT which was 19% in Germany. Be sure you really want a Canadian machine with such a high shipping cost since there are many excellent CNC machines produced in the EU.

There are no Onefinity dealers in Europe.

Regarding the selection of PRO (buildbotics-derived Onefinity CNC Controller) or Elite (Masso G3 Touch-based CNC controller), both can be the best choice depending on your situation. On this topic I wrote this recently:

You can also buy a PRO machine and learn how to use it and benefit from the lower price, and later buy the Elite Upgrade Kit.

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