Job Shops or users of Onefinity CNC in Colorado

Hi all - interested in diving in, but would like to see some real-world use up close and personal before committing. Does anyone know of a CNC service shop or user in CO that uses a machine, preferably equipped with the Masso controller, that I could work out a trial run of a couple of panels to see it at work in the flesh. Or metal.

I’m wood skilled and technically adept, but just manuals and videos don’t fill out the checklist for me. I can supply G code; I use Fusion 360. I’m in the High Rockies, and can travel a bit.

Forgot to mention - I’m casting my net a bit wider than the Denver area, W(B)estern Slope works as well. :wink:

Contacts welcome, and TIA!


Hi Mike, I just bought one and it arrived. Got an Elite with Masso and no spindle, wired my shop and garage for 240v so want to use that. It’s a little hard to demo because it’s not running yet tho. The basement shop is not finished yet and I need to get a car sold to use the garage.

I’m in S. Denver metro, happy to DM as well.


Hi Mike (@rattus) - welcome to the forums. You might want to check out from Cam Anderson – there might some places on the list you can check out. I did a quick search for Denver and a bunch of places popped up, but I’m not that familiar with that area to know what is close and what isn’t (other than the relative distance to Boulder from Denver).


Thanks - you’re just at the most interesting stage! I’ll DM you with contact info.

Great idea - I was having issues with some of the online lists as some (lists, as well as links) seem to have aged out. Will check this out. Thanks.