Colorado Users Help

Anyone from Denver Metro area have a OneFinity machine? I’m from Castle Rock and recently ordered one and would be interested in ideas and assistance. Thanks

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Also in Castle Rock. Mine ships this week. What kind of help you need?

Won’t know what help I will need until Feb 2021 delivery. Just nice to know someone else nearby. Thanks

I should be getting mine in mid December. The woodworker with lazer. I’m in Perry Park, Larkspur just off Hwy 105. I have zero experience with a CNC mechine and know nothing about the software. I’m trying to learn and look at YouTube video to learn about svg, g code and how to get started . So far I have my router, and shop vac. And a few 1/4 " shaft bits. Any help and or advice would be appreciated.

Mine arrived a few days ago. I’m down physically due to arm surgery at the same damn time so still haven’t finished the table

have you gotten your machines?

I’m in Perry Park off 105 just north of Larkspur. Got mine in mid Dec . Set it up and did my first test cut yesterday. Haven’t had time to test the laser yet.

I feel your pain. I fell and tore all the ligaments from my left rotator cuff . Had surgery in July and still in Physical Therapy. In Castle Rock. My Son helped me build my table as a Christmas gift. Got everything setup and did my first ever test cut yesterday

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What’s with the arm shoulder surgeries in Castle Rock area? I too tore my rotor cuff (slipped and hung from latter–large tear) 6 weeks ago and will start physical therapy next Monday. My wife says I have a 30 year old mind but a 69 year old body–I must learn to except my limitations or tear something else.:slight_smile:

Your table looks nice! Is your CNC in the basement? Is dust control an issue even with dust boot?

John, yep I put the CNC machine in the basement mechanical room . No dust control issues yet but, I have only did a couple of test cuts so far. My only issue so far is with smoke smell while running the laser. I have just started installing

a ventilation system to draw the smoke to the outside. (Like a rest room fart fan.)
Where are you going to do your Physical Therapy. I’m going to UC health under VA. Off Founders in Castle Rock.

Rehab at Kaiser Permanente at Lone Tree. Are you only doing laser? I thought about laser than thought about my eyes and my carelessness.

My wife and I retired from Kaiser ( Me about 3 years ago, the wife 1 year ago). I was the North Hub Engineer Supervisor. Built Longtree, Rock Creek, put the top floor on Franklin opened up Greeley and a few others down South.
I’m still learning G code and have the router and laser both.

How’s your progress on arm surgery and CNC?

Still awaiting VA to send Authorization to the Physical Therapist for the next round of treatment it’s about 80% for now but getting better. Well I haven’t done much on the G code improvements yet. Been a little busy. I plan to. Watch a lot of tutorials this weekend.
You get your mechine set up yet? And how’s healing on your arm going?

All set up…about to screw in the waste board. Dial it in and I am ready to go

Took off the laser and did my first test cut with the CNC milling today. Found out plywood is not good to mill and starting to learn about bits and how deep to cut.

I’ve been miserable. I hate the 15 exercise I have to do, especially the overhead pulley exercise passive and non-passive. You indicated VA so you are a Veteran–what branch of service?

Is that Home Depot regular plywood or Baltic Birch plywood? Did you try a V-carve bit or straight bit? Also, there are many YouTube videos on feeds and speeds and CNCing plywood. I am putting CNC table together (mainly one-handed) trying to decide if I want to enclose my vac/dust deputy underneath the back third of the table. My table is 48"x48".

How’s it going with your CNC? What have you made?

I find the format of these forums kind of confusing. I can’t tell who’s replying to who and what message is meant for whom. I’m on my fifth therapy session with some dried needling for the right arm. It’s been two months since the surgery and it has not improved very much. Just to pain the ass like everything else as you get older. As far as the CNC machine goes I’ve got so many projects going on it’s hard for me to keep it running. I’ve got a partial basement refinish along with some other more high-end furniture stuff going on so I haven’t had a lot of chance to play.