Colorado Users Help

Was talking with CajunMan John but GTW you are OK to join in as far as I’m concerned.
I ran a test cut last night and all went well after I changed the tool configuration to disabled. Now tonight tried to run the same game code and keep getting e-stop not found and messages about soft limits of Z to low. So I’m lost again as what to do. Ill try text to OF support I guess.

Eddie, what Design Software are you using? I’m using Easel and started some projects—easy to use.

John, Have been using carbide Create but have only got a circle cut, and one other item. I’m still in that learning curve with all of this.

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I’ve just ordered mine with expected delivery in May. I’m in Roxborough Park. Would be great to keep in touch on here as I’m pretty new to all this.

Hey Adam, I get my CNC around Feb 20th and I am new as well. Seems most people from Colorado are new at CNC. I’m learning the Easel software now–it’s free and to me it’s the easiest CAD program I’ve found. Look at YouTube videos and/or google “Easel” (part of Inventables) just sign up. John

Here are some of my Easel projects I’m working on now.

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I’ve been playing around with Fusion360 but I dont think I will properly figure everything out until I actually start making a few mistakes and learning from them. The designing is the bit im still struggling with… But if im being honest, Ive never really jumped in deep to learning the design as I’ve never really had a way to see the results… I hope when I get the CNC, I can actually start DOING some projects!

I tried (free trial) and determined Fusion is way more complicated for my needs. I just wanted something for woodworking.

Hi John
I got my Woodworker in October. Don’t know a lot but am willing to pass on what I do know and experiences

Forgot to add. I’m just south of the Pinery and east of Ponderosa HS

Hi Harry, I get my unit next week. What CAD software you using?

I’m using carbide create and am transitioning to carveco . Found easel to be a little limiting and fusion 360 to be a steep learning curve

I’m now looking at V-carve desktop and Carveco maker

Got my OneFinity 2/26/2021 and made my table top and am about half way done.

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Well, I’m set up now and homed and probed and made my first cut.

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I am in Parker have my

Glad to find out there our about you guys in Colorado. My order is on "order Info " for week of May 9th. Looks like probably wont make shipping till at least a week after. I live between Estes Park and Drake. Will be nice to exchange info and ideas - Maybe even have a chance to meet at some point.

Welcome Michael! I have no previous experience but I’m learning. I’ve only made one sign using 60 degree V-bit.

John your sign looks great.
The way the Onefinity schedule is going I hope to have mine by the end of the month - a couple weeks late, I have decided to get the Vetric Pro. have watched probably 8 or 9 of the videos and I think I understand it pretty well. I am getting a 1.5kw water cooled spindle.
Hope I have time to use it. I’m doing a lot of remodeling on my place - I’m a General Contractor and supposed to be retired but you may know how that goes.

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