Is there a OneFinity owner in Los Angeles, CA?

I hope this is okay to post this here.

I joined because I’m looking to hire the services of a woodworker with a OneFinity CNC in the LA area. I am not interested in purchasing a CNC now but when we do purchase in the future, OneFinity tops my list. I have spoken with several people here in LA but I can only find large fabrication shops which are too expensive (because my project is small and they typically don’t work with small orders) or people who work with wood and either don’t own a CNC or own a cheaply built CNC. So, I got the bright idea that those who own OneFinity machines are probably well-informed fabricators and therefore I should get better results.

If it’s inappropriate for me to look for someone in LA who owns a OneFinity CNC so that I can hopefully procure their services, my apologies in advance. And, I am not looking for something for nothing. Hence, I’m willing to pay a fair price to get what I need, but as of right now, I can’t even find someone in LA and may have to use someone out-of-state.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Im in l.a. what exactly are you looking to make

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I am in Orange County, if Bob isn’t able to help.

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Wow, thank you both so much for responding; I was just about to give up.

The parts I need would be considered “one-off” parts initially but could turn into substantial, continuous, orders of numerous pieces annually if all goes well (which, typically, it doesn’t, lol). Please see my attached rough, hand drawing. At such time you say you can do it and give me a general feel for how much it will cost for about six pieces then, I can make and submit an exact detail sketch. I will provide the acrylic (2 pieces) and IPE or Cumaru hardwood (4 pieces) and will also be happy to provide a 7/32" (the drawing is incorrect, it’s not 9/32) spiral ‘O’ flute up-cut bit; Onsrud, Whiteside, or whatever brand you prefer. I assume it will take two 1/8" passes on the CNC to get the 1/4" depth? I’ve been told because of the extreme density of the two species of hardwood that it cuts much like aluminum and acrylic so perhaps the same bit for the acrylic and the hardwoods would work, I don’t know? Also, just so you know, for the two acrylic pieces, I will bend a 3/16" piece of acrylic in that same shape as shown on the drawing which will mate with the two acrylic pieces and will glue them together with # 16 or other cement (TBD). For the wood pieces I will bend an aluminum bottom. Thanks for any info you can provide.

Also, I don’t know the rules about giving my email or phone number out when that time comes. Is that okay to do?

Thank you,

Also, FYI, that large radius is approx 5" (10" Dia) and the two smaller radius are approx 3/4" (1-1/2" Dia).

hi john

I’m out of la just got my machine and I’m having issues as you can imagine Haha, would like to pick your brain some time


Just hit me up, are you on Instagram? that is the best way to message me and then we could always video chat thru there if need be. @huntingtonbuilds