Acorn Build-bench testing complete!

Progress update on the Acorn build.

Wow, just wow. The motion is so smooth and stepper noise is basically non existent. What a difference this upgrade has made. The use of the pendant style jog wheel is a dream compared to the joystick when edge finding parts and the ability to have movement in the .0000" range is spectacular. I can’t wait to start a batch of parts with this new set up! :laughing: I literally just stood there laughing and giddy from the initial experience.

Some wiring to clean up tomorrow too :+1:


i hope you can has the details of this build , at this point way over my head but sooner or later i will want a setup like this

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I was hoping someone would test the Acorn controller with a Onefinity CNC. I would love to see your complete setup and cost sheet for something like this. I have not messed with electronics but more of a mechanical person. Love it!

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Looks like a winner. I was wondering this myself - any plans in the future for a stepper/servo upgrade? Closed-loop is awfully tempting for me, at the very least some beefier steppers.

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I don’t have a complete cost sheet in front of me but plan on between at least $1000-$1500 CAD. Is it worth every penny? Yes

-CNC12 software licence
-Jog wheel/pendant
-Power supplies for drivers
-mounting panel
-Windows computer
-e-stop button
-Limit switches (I actually haven’t installed my switches or sensors yet :shushing_face:)
-Optional: Closed loop steppers :moneybag::moneybag: or servos :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I was initially going with closed loop but decided to run the open loop stockers with good drivers to get a good baseline. I can report they are working amazingly. Super strong with the higher voltage power supplies and drivers. I am running the DM542T V4.0 on 36 volt power supplies. There is another acorn build happening and Jason is running the 48 volt power supplies to his drivers.

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Ohhh, NICE!!! I seriously considered one of those when looking, but ultimately ended up with the DDCS V3.1 & G540, which is a great combo.


Awesome, glad it’s been working well. After a vac table, new steppers are my next project, which might force me to update the drivers and controller… we’ll see.

@trlwoodworks To be honest, if you are planning an upgrade, the controller should be your starting point. Starting with the steppers is like putting the cart before the horse or like buying an expensive camera body but using a basic lens to bring in the light. Higher quality signal generation/motion control and drivers on the stock motors will get you much much farther than just replacing the steppers.

Other benefits of the motion control upgrade are all of the features that it offers. One example I have is after using the park function at the end of the day, I park the machine, turn off. The next day I power everything back up and my WCS zero points are still saved. I load up material and run program and I’m off to the races. Also true G2/G3 IJK arc movement and that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what the Acorn and other offerings in this category have to offer.

And I have to keep repeating that I am in no way trying to slag on the 1F controller or 1F as they provide a great product. However when discussing upgrades, the comparative pros/cons must be mentioned.


@alldaysammyj , I just noticed this on the first pic. Are you running the 2 larger power supplies in parallel? Assume the small one is for the Acorn board.


@Machinist yes the small one is for the Acorn and the two larger power supplies are providing power for 2 drives each. Power supply #1 is X,Y and #2 is Z,Y. They are 36 volt 400 watt 11 amp power supplies.

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