The Acorn has landed!

So this showed up today and my second 1F shows up tomorrow! :laughing: Going to be installing this little baby onto my Machinist model and moving the stock 1F controller over to the Journeyman. STOKED!


Excited for you. Centroid’s Acorn would have been my next choice in controller if I had not gotten the Masso. It should be easy, and enjoyable, to set up and configure. May I ask your choice to use it on the machinist over the Journeyman?

Thanks! Yeah the choice to run this on the machinist model is simply that I’ll be using it for any metal work to be done and the Journeyman is only planned to run wood, plastics etc. Down the road I might consider buying another Acorn for the journeyman if the disconnect/freezing up of the 1F controller from time to time isn’t resolved. I was close to sending that controller across the shop not too long ago :joy:

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@TMToronto and I’ve got to ask…are you running your Y axis motors off of the single Y axis output from your Masso or are you pairing a 4th axis as a tandem Y axis output for the second motor? I know the acorn has the squaring feature when pairing the 4th axis to run tandem with Y. Just wondering your thoughts.

I have my B axis slaved to the Y axis, and it uses its own homing sensor to allow for the auto-squaring feature. One of the reasons I chose the Masso over some other controllers was that I could buy the version with 5 axes, since I wanted a true dedicated 5th axis for the rotary applications I had planned. So far everything with the Masso has more than met my expectations, including their support and forum. I have no doubt you will find the same with the Acorn - it doesn’t hurt that Centroid have established themselves in the CNC world for over 40 years.


Yeah that’s what I was figuring, thanks. Definitely both great platforms and I’m pumped to get this set up. Just received the new journeyman too!


Woohoo! That’s great news for a bunch of us :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you order the QCW setup as well?

No I build my own frames out of extruded aluminum. Nothing complex but will keep everything square. I have two 8’X2’ work benches that will be spaced 2’ apart creating an 8’X6’ surface and sheeted with good quality 3/4” aspen or birch plywood. Frame and machine will be mounted to this and then spoil board and t-track will be installed.

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I know this is an old post I ran across it as I have been searching for info on the Acorn vs the Masso! I have been having fits with the Acorn board and setting it up, it is partially me and I think partially the acorn but I would like to get more info from you on how you feel down the road now with it, before I trash it and go Masso.

Hey Ronald,

I know that Bill @Machinist runs it, as well as @alldaysammyj (see here)


What type of problems are you having with it? Mine has been running flawlessly from day 1, and this very setup has been used on 3 different machines over the past 2 years. Granted, it is a very simple setup with no auxiliary I/O components other than probe input & recently added Tool Check input.

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I started off wrong with bad advice from the wrong people, I’ve got it worked out now it took a few more contacts last night to get it worked out! I really like the system now that all the bugs will be worked out I should rock! And be able to run it even faster than I had it originally set at.

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Yeah Ron the Centroid product is top notch. I’m on my second Acorn build.

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