Custom controller 2.0

Somewhat outgrowing my DDCSV3.1 controller (wanting something with more flexibility) I ordered a Centroid Acorn CNC board. In giving thought to a new housing, my attention turned towards the unused Onefinity BB controller sitting on a shelf. Pulling the boards out of the controller and leaving the power supply in place, it looked like a perfect enclosure for the new controller. As of right now, I’ve gone as far with the build as I can until I actually receive the Acorn board. I hope to have everything finished up late this week.

I will say that as much as I don’t care for the BB controller itself, I’ve found a huge amount of admiration for the enclosure. Like the machine itself, it’s simple and appropriately robust, and its been very easy to work with. Modifications have really been minimal, save for a new short rear panel I had to make to accommodate the G540 stepper driver.

Very excited for your new build and seeing the progress - it is a great controller. Please keep us updated.

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Will do, Tom. It was a difficult choice between the Acorn and the Masso Touch. A couple times I almost pulled the trigger on that, but ultimately decided on the Acorn. I almost went this route back when I was building the controller for my X-Carve. I briefly considered a new Chinese controller, the SMC5-5-N-N. But honestly, I am weary of the narrow support and virtually non-existent & worthless user guides.

Well, I had to abandon the original Onefinity controller encosure because it was just getting uncomfortably packed into the enclosure. So, I ended up modifying my original DDCSV3.1 controller housing and things fit nicely. This required enlarging the opening for the 8" touch screen & a couple other modifications. This left me with some empty/unnecessary holes in the front. At some point I may make an aluminum cover plate, but not sure yet. Will consider that once I get everything fully configured. The controller itself is configured now, but I need to customize the user input panel on the screen to remove some buttons & enlarge some.

I’m running the same Gecko G540 stepper driver, but wow, this thing seems SO much smoother just jogging around.

@alldaysammyj I had some issues getting probing to work. It’s functioning in general, but is not zeroing out the z axis. For example, when I probe, the z axis should end up reading 0.450" taking into consideration my .250 probe + an additional .200 clearance move above the probe. The distinction they make between “probe” and “tool touch off” seemed to cause me some confusion.

New Acorn CNC controller

Old DDCSV3.1


Quite the refresh! I too am thinking in the future I will use my CNC, to make things for my CNC.

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Hey Bill, have a look at this video.

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Thanks Sammy, I think this may help! :sunglasses:

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This was the operation of making the larger screen opening. Someday I’d like to possibly make a new/nicer enclosure, but it’s not real high on the priority list right now.