Here's a key element missing from the BB controller

I made a quick video to show what is probably the single most important thing that drove me to use a 3rd party controller. After using the DDCS controllers for 5 years, I would be absolutely lost to not have this functionality. This is in no way meant to bash the BB controller. In fact, if the firmware ever evolves to the place where it can do this, I would probably switch over to it. I would love to have a touch-screen controller. As is now though, I consider the firmware to be an incomplete work in progress. Chinese controllers like mine generally have non-existent support from the manufacturer. Repairs or replacement components are typically not available, or too cost-prohibitive to send back for repairs.


Hey Bill,

really nice video!

I just reported this upstream.


Thanks Aiph5u!

I’m no video guru by any means, but I suspect there are many new users who don’t realize how it should work.


Hey Bill,

yes, you are right, one does not miss what one does not know :slight_smile:


I think I’m going to install a different controller and hook up a 4th axis as a project later this year - looks like there are a few things that I’ll gain in the process!

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What controller are you using?


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I’m a retired Machinest. Looking to get one finite, can you help me with where I can find a vendor?

Hi Omer,
You can go to the Onefinity website to place your order.



@Neil is correct. That is the only place to get one, unless you luck out & find one used. On their website, you’ll see 2 primary models (Machinist & Woodworker) with various configurations & options for both. Us machinist types are drawn to this machine, as we recognize the obvious design quality in a price range that usually gets you belts and V-wheels.

In older videos it looks like the BB controller had macro functions. This feature seems to have disappeared. I would find it very usefull to have maybe a dozen macros.

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Thanks for the video. That bit touched really hard your probe, could it be made to touch slower/softer? How much was it to change to this controller? Thanks a lot.

Yeah, I really should slow down my probe speed, but it is a soft-touch probe operation where it activates a micro switch under the probe surface (note no alligator clip or magnet is used). So it never actually slams down hard on the metal surface.

The controller itself can be had for around $250, and the Gecko G540 stepper driver is an additional $270. Those are the 2 major cost components, but it still requires a power supply, enclosure, and misc. other bits & pieces.

I totally agree that this is a super important feature. I have been looking on the buildbotics site to see if I purchased a controller from them that this feature is incorporated. I would actually replace my 1F controller if that were the case. Anybody know for sure?

I don’t think so @roylnn. I was looking on their forum site a week or so ago looking for that very information, and only saw a post that led me to believe it functions the same an the Onefinity.

Does that controller require stop switches to be installed or does it use soft bumps like the BB?

It does not have stall homing like the BB controller, however I am using it without limit switches anyway. I manually home it, and use soft limits to control travel extents. After manually getting the machine to home position, I kill motor power and run the normal homing sequence. I have a push button on my controller that emulates the limit switches in order to set machine zero. The only time I need to rehome is if I have inadvertently jogged one of the axis with motor power off.

Hi Bill, I am straggling to get my ddcsv3.1 started something went wrong and it is beeping and reset function don’t work can you help

Difficult to say, Ali. Does it power up ok with nothing but power attached to it, no other I/O connections?
Do you have this connected to a Onefinity?