Anyone here used a controller other than a F1 supplied one?

Would be interested in which controller, how hard was it to connect to the F1 machine. Have you had any control issues?

My first CNC was from fleabay as a kit. I had to put it together, connect the power supply to the controller which was a challenge for a NOOB as I knew less than nothing!

I would want a spindle and can also hook one of those up and change the settings.

There are several users with other controllers:
Centroid Acorn
Masso G3
to name a few.
I invested in the Masso G3, and used it from the beginning in lieu of the 1F controller. The physical set up was not difficult, just time consuming and more expensive. I like to build things, so making my own controller enclosure with electronics, making cables, etc was enjoyable for me. The software set up and configuration was very easy, and one of many reasons I went with the Masso.

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Hey Bud,

there is a category Aftermarket Controllers here.

Thanks I missed the obvious

Hey Bud,

If you want to use a different controller you will have to solve the problem of how to attach the limit switches. Most people solved this by 3D printing necessary parts.

Purchasing the Onefinity CNC in order to use it with a different controller was mentioned here the other day. But there are many posts treating this topic. See below.

Further Reading“limit+switch”“limit+switches”“proximity+sensor”“proximity+sensors”

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I am able to home my machine (DDCS controller) using hard stops. It’s not as elegant as hitting the “Home” button, but it’s repeatable and didn’t require the extra wiring. I manually move all axis to home position. With motor power killed (via e-stop) I run the homing sequence. I have a push button on my controller that zeros all axis. This button acts as a surrogate home switch for X, Y, and Z (red button above the USB port).