Can you upgrade controller only

I was wondering if its [possible just send in buildbotics controller for the newer controller and how much would it cost

what wires would you use? what motors? how would you power it? do you already have homing switches?

Hey Tim,

you can buy the Masso G3 Touch (US $1,290.00 without power supply), build a custom power supply and relay box for the Masso G3 Touch and for your machine, and as it is a universal CNC controller, you could make it fit your existing Onefinity Original X-35/X-50/PRO Series machine. You could still use your existing open-loop steppers, however as you would no more benefit of the four Texas Instruments DRV8711 stepper drivers inside the Onefinity Original X-35/X-50/PRO Series Controller, so you would need to buy four external stepper drivers separately (see also explanations here). You could also buy some closed-loop, stepper motors like the Stepper motors that are used on the Elite Series, here you can choose among easily available Stepper Motors with Integrated Stepper Drivers (the little black box on each of the stepper motors), and by the way also choose whether with or without brake.

You could in every case easily Retrofit Hardware Limit Sensors to the Onefinity Standard X-35/X-50/PRO Series which I would recommend anyway, to get rid of unreliable Stall Homing (=machine bumps the axis carriage to the end of travel until the stepper driver detects it = poor homing repeatability)

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