4th axis with Centroid

To to investigate, a detailed specification for the connections between the masso controller and the table is needed. Available?

Do you sell the clothes loop stepper motor drivers separately?

Or please say what is the specific make and model of your closed loop? Stuffers

Hey Len,

you may go to the

  • Onefinitycnc Support page where you find the documentation,

or visit the

  • Onefinitycnc Youtube channel if you like to watch the assembly and support videos.

There, you may read the Elite Series Owners Manual and additionally watch the Official Elite Series Assembly Video.

Regarding the general Masso G3 Touch CNC controller, here is the MASSO Documentation. This is the full documentation of the Masso controller but does not address the Onefinity Elite Machine specifically.

On these closed loop stepper motors from Masso, the drivers are integral part of the motors.

For replacement parts in general, you may go to the Shop and see what’s under Replacements parts.

There exists a search function in this forum:

elite motor specs

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