Stepper Motor Upgrade

So I am curious if the new Masso stepper motors are going to become available like the original ones for replacement. If they do, I wonder if it will translate easily to my existing Journeyman X-50. just a thought out loud :speaking_head: :thought_balloon:

My guess is yes, as an upgrade kit that includes the 4 closed loop steppers, 4 optical sensors, 4 custom sensor mounts, and a Masso controller with electronics enclosure. This would be an expensive upgrade.

My opinion is if you are happy with your current system for the work you do and the way you do it (work flow), and particularly if the stock 1F controller meets your needs, I am not sure you will get a lot of benefit for the extra expenditure.

Having said that, I have been a strong advocate for the Masso controller (and 1F CNCs) for quite a while, and have my current ATC system built using both. There are benefits to adding closed loop steppers, but my feeling is that if your system hardware is sized and set up properly, and with proper use by the operator (avoiding major errors), then regular steppers are quite up to the task.


Wow! That was a very helpful insight! I love my set up now. But of course we all like a little more out of what we have :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I really appreciate the reply!

You are welcome. You are also not alone in your satisfaction with Onefinity’s products.

I am sure Onefinity staff will provide updates on upgrades once they have all the details and components finalized. As well, if my previously stated guess as to a possible upgrade kit is inaccurate, I imagine they will let us know :grinning:


No. They are closed loop with encoders on them, and they will only work with the ELITE Series Masso controller.

You can, however, upgrade your current X-50/X-35 to the Elite series in Q4 2023.


Nice! So what does the elite series upgrade offer?

This should answer your questions about the Elite series in general. The specifics of the upgrade kits I do not believe have been shared yet.

Any update on a timeframe or some early acess possibly?

I be fair i read the post as Q1 not Q4. But still interested in any early sneak peak info or any help needed :tada:. The comunity here is great.

I’m sure nothing is going to happen until the solve the firmware issue for the Masso controller first. They also need to get to a point where they aren’t backordered for months.

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