Introducing the new Onefinity ELITE Series, Powered by MASSO

Introducing the new Onefinity ELITE Series, Powered by MASSO

The Onefinity Elite Series is one of the most advanced CNC lines on the market today. Featuring powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motors, “Z-20” heavy duty Z-slider, rigid, high precision, hardened steel linear motion shafts, a massive 15” touch display and one of the most advanced CNC controllers available. All this while maintaining our industry leading, user-friendly design with quick and simple set-up. No other CNC on the market can do what the Onefinity Elite Series can do!

Onefinity Elite Series, What you get:

  • Advanced, custom designed, Onefinity MASSO Touch
  • Massive 15-inch high definition industrial capacitive touch LED screen
  • Rigid, high precision, hardened steel, linear motion Shafts
  • High speed, long travel, Z-20 heavy duty Z-Slider
  • Powerful “anti-skip,” closed loop stepper motors
  • Infrared homing sensors with auto squaring
  • Fast travel, precision ball screws on all axis
  • Conveniently located Emergency Stop
  • Plug and Play wiring supported by drag chains
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Built in Auto on/off router/vac outlet
  • Plug and play XYZ Probe (optional)
  • Plug and play Tool Setter (optional)
  • Power Loss Recovery
  • Jump to Line
  • Continuous and incremental jogging via touch screen
  • Feed Rate Override - Adjust feed rate during a carve
  • Multiple Work offsets (G54-G59)
  • Micro Tramming
  • Quick and easy setup - start carving in under an hour
  • Solid, self supporting QCW with leveling feet (optional)
  • X-50 Stiffy (optional)
  • User friendly design
  • 7, 12 & 24 watt Laser (optional—plug and play)
  • Fixed or Rolling - Folding Stand with wobble free leveling feet (optional)
  • Rotary Support
  • Spindle support with on board controls
  • Each unit fully production tested with a test carve to ensure proper functionality and quality
  • A large “how to” library with a very helpful and supportive community
  • Powerful Carveco Maker Advanced 3D Cad Software (1 year subscription)

And much more…

Check out all the features on our blog post, here:


We plan on giving an upgrade path, but it will be quite a while from now. We want to get through the launch smoothly first, as it’s major, and then work on the upgrade path. More details in the future on upgrades. However, if you need it now, the fastest way will be to order the full machine Monday.


Holy wah! That was unexpected but well appreciated

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Do elite purchases still get freebies from yesterday?


Only X-50’s qualify for the thanksgiving thank you, however, you do get free items for a limited time with the ELITE series: Orders for the Onefinity Elite Series will start on November 28, 2022 . For a limited time, all Elite Series models will be 20% off (prices is already reflected on the product page) and will include a X-50 Stiffy, Z-20 (Heavy Duty Z-Slider) and a one year subscription to Carveco Maker 3D CAD/CAM program . To see videos, learn more and place your order, head over to the Onefinity CNC website at

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Interesting, I was working through my masso G3 BoM based @TMToronto specifications with a view to installing a rotatory axis in 2023.

@OnefinityCNC any plans on a rotatory axis?

I already have a (barely used) X-50 Journeyman, so are there any plans to make this part of your Infinite Possibilities Program? If so, I’ll buy one on Monday…unless tomorrow’s announcement is the same thing with an extended Y-axis and/or rotary, then I’d get that. I travel 9-10 months out of the year for work, so attempting to sell my current cnc would be a pain, logistically.

Great now i need about 5k this week so far. My wife wants to ban me from the site. LOL


This is exciting!

A few quick but specific questions:

  1. Are these the Masso motors and if so the 2Nm or 3Nm?
  2. Is the feed rate over ride still 20-100%?
  3. Is it the 4 or 5 axis software that is included?

Thank you.

  1. 1.2Nm
  2. For now, it’s 20-100%
  3. 5 axis software included

Thank you. I just posted an announcement in the Masso forum highlighting this great new partnership! :smiley:


Will a Woodworker QCW Frame (Secure from Beneath) Version fit on this machine? Will the Onefinity Jtech 7W Pro Laser work with this machine? Will the Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe work with this machine? If so mine is getting sold.

Yes, the current QCW’s are what the Elite series uses!
Any Jtech laser will work with the Elite series!
The touchprobe works with the Elite series!

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ve watched the new releases all week and this is the best one. I applaud you Onefinity.

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Wait till tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: !


Having purchased and used Masso hardware and software, and a Woodworker X50, for my own custom build, I feel what is being offered with these Elite series machines is an exceptional value - even without the initial promo offer.


@OnefinityCNC can you include a free cot and sleeping bag on the next announcement? My Finance Dept. Is promising me a few nights sleep on a cold concrete floor if i put another item in the shopping cart…


Noted. Will add the cot in 3 sizes next time :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a sweet promo video for this thing? Looking forward to the upgrade path through IPP.

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Congratulations! What a product!

Especially the integration of the Masso controller which will have 5 axis options with spindle and with Rotary support! I am so exited!

Can you give me a rough estimate about when you are planning to launch the upgrade program?
Is is weeks, month or rather a year? I really need this controller! I just got the woodworker this summer.

Now for next year I am hoping you will release a spindle ATC system!

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