Controller upgrade that's ready to go

are there any controllers that would be better than the buildbotics that i can buy that are already assembled ready to go without breaking the bank. I was looking at some but if i was understanding it correctly most were build kits. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that. The buildbotics would probably be good enough for me but I always like to explore options. I’m going with the x50. p.s. new to cnc learning as i go. thanks

You likely should just go with the Onefinity one, it generally works fine for most of us. If you want to upgrade right away, consider the Elite instead.


Hey Butch,

I agree with @Atroz, you already know my advice.

If building a machine with parts from different sources is nothing you can do now, you can only buy something ready to use. If you buy a Onefinity Standard Series or Elite Series (available here), you get a machine ready to use. With Standard Series you get the (Buildbotics-derived) Onefinity Controller that most people use here, or with Elite Series you get the MASSO G3 Touch Controller with closed-loop steppers for increased positioning reliability. Both will work out of the box after a very simple assembly. Onefinity CNC is known for extremely fast assembly (one hour).

And as for Elite Series with MASSO controller, you will be able to upgrade your Standard Series machine to Elite Series later, when Onefinity will offer the Upgrade to Elite [1], [2].

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got it thanks, will stay the one from onefinity

are we able to upgrade to a Maso controller if we have the onefinity regular? I missed the Masso upgrade by months man I’m so sad

They’ve announced that there will be an upgrade path offered in the next couple months.

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