Official ONEFINITY CNC Elite Series Assembly Video ( ELITE Foreman, Journeyman, Woodworker) (FAQ)


The installation video shows two different power supplies: 120v and 240v. On the ordering page for the Elite, I don’t see an option for choosing one or the other. How do I make sure I get the one i want? Is there a benefit to the 240v version other than just one less cable? (I assume it’s just splitting the two 240v into its two 120v circuits – one for router/controller and the other for vacuum – but correct me if I’m wrong.) And what kind of wall plug is used for the 240v version?

Hey Eric,

you get the appropriate version according to the country you live in.

– Source: SomnusDe, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Mains electricity by country

According to the time at your position that is shown in your profile popup, you are likely to get the 120 V version, while I would get the 230 V version (I got the Standard Series Controller set to 230 V). 100–120 V mains electricity is common only in North and Central America and in Japan, while the rest of the world uses 220–240 V. On the Standard Series Controller however you can switch the voltage internally, while the Elite Series controller additionally switches peripheral devices on and off, which means you need different sockets depending on where you live to match the plugs you find on the routers and the vacuums in your country. See here for a list of all different power plugs and sockets in the world.

So as you can see in the video, on the left 120 V model you have North American 120 V NEMA 5 sockets for the router and the shop vac, while on the 230 V model you have sockets that can take the variety of countries outside North America, like the European plugs like CEE 7/7 or the plugs used in the UK. See below for a map of plugs and sockets used in the world.

Image: The Onefinity Elite Power Supply and Relay Box
(Left: Version for North and Latin America. Right: Version for the rest of the worls)

At the input, both versions have a C14 power inlet.

Types of power plugs and sockets used by country
SomnusDe, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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@Aiph5u Thanks for the response. Yes, my question is from a North American/US perspective. My apologies for not making that clear.

I have a small shop with both 120v and 240v available and a 240v / 20 amp circuit with a NEMA L6-20P outlet available for my CNC. (Hence my question about the wall socket). Since this is a shop tool I thought I might have the option – and convenient to run just a single cord to the outlet. But I can see why you wouldn’t design it this way for north america since the devices you’re powering might not be 240v.

No problem, I can either split the 240v circuit into 2 separate 120v circuits or, more likely, use it for a new PwnCNC spindle kit in the near future. :smile: