Elite Journeyman Power


Cant seem to find the answer of these questions.

Does the Elite JM run on a 4 pin 240v receptacle (sim to a dryer or stove)? Or regular 15v plugin.

Also, i have heard that the controller and power unit and vacuum need to be on a seperate circuit. Does that mean a seperate outlet? Or circut off the breaker?

I live in Canada.

Please elaborate.


The Elite power supply for North America will have 2 separate power inputs each with its own fuse. These will have a power output, one for the VAC, and one for the Router and can be switched on/off by the controller. The recommendation is each should be on its own circuit.


Thats what the confusion is. When the vac and controller are plugged into the elite power supply they are technically on the same circut as the Elite power supply is plugged into the wall and supplies power for both. That seems like a lot of power being supplied by 1 unit.

As far as I know the VAC is its own circuit, the router and the DC power supply for the Masso G3 and stepper motors share the same circuit. The recommended Makita router is around 800 watts and should ok to share a common 15A circuit with the DC power supply. If you are running anything other than the Makita router such as a VFD you would not use this receptacle on the power supply.

From page 13 of the manual:


Derek is correct with the power.

I appreciate the clarity on the subject.