Onefinity ELITE circuit requirements

Can the elite series run off 2 20A circuits? I have an electrician coming tomorrow to add 2 new 20A circuits for me. I have a spindle 12A and a shop vac 9A on those circuits currently. Would I be able to have the controller on the shop vac circuit?

Yes, the elite, for NA, will need two 15 amp circuits, one for the router/masso, one for the vac.
If you have a spindle, you’d need one 15 amp for masso, one 20amp for spindle.

Electricians aren’t worried about emi so they usually put these circuits in a double gang box right next to each other. This negates the separate circuits as the electrical noise will just jump from one line to the other since they are in such close proximity to each other.
The best course of action is separate circuits, NOT running in parallel in the wall and in their own boxes about 3-4 feet away from each other.

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Assuming it’s only the spindle on the circuit, why do you need 20a there? 12a on a 15a circuit is still 80%, or in my case, the 12a spindle plugged into a 13a extension cord reel plugged into a 15a circuit that only also has my garage door on it. I’ve been running my spindle there for months, i minimize door usage and exercise caution when using it

If you need 2x 15a circuits, one for machine/router, and one for DC. Does that mean there is 2 power plugs being the elite has an outlet for the router and DC

That is correct…

I will be using 220 V system so will i need 2X 15a circuits as well?