Does the 1F need to have a separate circuit to run

All I was wondering is the 1F needs a separate circuit to run the spindle I.E. router to avoid EMI issues like I have had to do with the others guys machine.

It is not mandatory but a lot of the users have found that does work better if you can isolate the controller on its on outlet. I run everything out of one but all my wires are shielded in metal conduit so who knows. Its kind of a trial and error deal.

As far as a whole different Circuit in your panel, that is kinda predicated on what else is on that circuit and the wring/breakers that compose that circuit.

I’m running my controller, spindle, vac, PC and Monitor on a dedicated 20A and have had no issues.


I am on one 20amp circuit. Have it setup to run the vac relay on a separate when I add another circuit to the area

prefect thank everyone

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I use one 15 amp circuit for the controller and machine, and a 20 amp circuit for the shop vac (which requires 11amps). At a minimum you would want your router and vac on separate circuits if you are operating from a single household 15 amp circuit. The router is 6.5amp and the vac can be anywhere between 10-12amps - well over the limit of a normal 15 amp circuit. A single 20 amp circuit should be OK, as others have noted, but it is fairly close to the limits of the breaker (especially if you derate the breaker by 20% as normally recommended).



And other stuff like that :wink:


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For the time being, I run everything on a 20A circuit, My shop Vac on a separate one.

I have a dust collection system on its own circuit so that’s not a problem plus a dedicated 20A circuit for the CNC. I have a dedicated 100A for the shop. I was wondering from an EMI stand point and possible disconnects like the other machine. Thank you again everyone. I am in the prosses of insulating my shipping container shop so was wondering if I should run a second dedicated circuit for the router. I may run one anyways plus 220V for a possible spindle later while I have the wall open.

If you have the wall open and opportunity, future proofing is a great idea. I wish I did that when I rewired my garage - I’m considering doing it again with bigger conduit, room for 220 circuits, etc.

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