Feeding Your CNC Setup

Prepping for late March delivery of my first CNC. So, I’ll have the OF Controller and steppers to power, the makita router to power, a Fein vac to power, a laptop and some led film strips for lighting inside my enclosure. The Fein’s auto-on circuit can power the router; the laptop and led’s are trivial power loads; so I’m thinking router and vac on one circuit, OF Controller, laptop and led’s on a second circuit. Does that sound about right?

John - I would put the router and controller on one circuit, and the vac on another. My vac pulls 11.1 amps and my router 6.2 - so that is more than a normal house hold circuit can provide (15 amps). If you have dedicated 20 amp circuits, then sharing should not be a problem, but I would keep the controller on a separate circuit to minimize any inductive noise from the vac. Given the close proximity of the controller to the router, I don’t know that keeping them on separate circuits matters too much.

I have not had any issues (knock on wood) with the RPI being sensitive to EMI or power issues. Hope it stays that way.