Electrical Power Setups

I am looking for info or photos of members a/c power setups such as electrical supply and additional switches for control of router and controller. I am planning on incorporating a 625/350 cyber power ups into my system. I plan on mounting my controller under my table as well. Thanks in advance.

Greg - I don’t have any specifics to add right now - I’m still building my control unit. Happy to share the plans, but can’t confirm any of it will work (other than the enclosure, which is built ;)).

That said, please be super careful about your choice in UPS. Most “run of the mill” computer UPS devices do not generate a true sine wave output while on battery backup, which is required for nearly all “no brains” analog motors like the Makita router. You literally can destroy your router by feeding it a signal that is not a true sine wave.

I don’t know if the model you chose meets the needs or not, just a cautionary tale.


Thanks for the reply, I think I may just run the controller off of the ups and the router directly off an a/c outlet to avoid any problems. I am more concerned about the controller so thought it would be better protected running it through the ups. I would certainly like to see what you have come up with so far with your setup.