UPS for Controller and Display

I just realized that my supposed 500W UPS is actually 500VA. By this they mean it can consume up to 500VA. The output is limited to 300W. (Sneaky marketing)

I was going to use this for my controller but that is too small.

I am considering this:

At full load the controller is running a little under 413W. This thing is over 500. For a little more money I could go bigger. APC 600W

Does anyone see any issues with this UPS?

(Jeez… this thing is bleeding me dry. :slight_smile:)


I can’t contribute regarding the UPS, but I’m curious what your plan is with the router in the event of a power failure?

Hey Ziggy, hey Eric,

good would be at least this :slight_smile:

Seriously, Eric is right. The CNC Controller cannot sense whether the trim router is no more running, it will try to push a non-rotating bit through your workpiece (ouch)

Ziggy, you may be able to use the serial port on the back. The larger UPSs have output pins that are an open collector transistor. You could use this as an ESD input to the controller and/or a SSR for the router. This could stop the router and latch out the controller. Just be careful with the open collector, usually not much output, enough for a opto-isolator or small relay. From memory they ground the load side. Hope this gives you ideas.

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Thanks for the replies all… I realize that the router would not be connected to the UPS.

I had read elsewhere on the forum that it was possible to connect the UPS to the controller and possibly halt the program in the event of a power failure. Whether it would happen in time to halt the movement and save the bit/workpiece, I don’t know.

The main thing I am looking for here is power conditioning. I live in an old city with a very old power grid. Voltage fluctuations are common. Also, I am running electrically noisy equipment on the same panel. The UPS might aid here as well.

I can’t recall where, but there was another thread I saw here where someone was showing how they integrated a UPS into their setup. I was mainly trying to see if I was missing something - wattage wise - before I made my purchase.

Thanks again for the replies!

Hey Ziggy,

it was here

And as for switching the router off by the CNC Controller, see here

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Ha! My own thread!!! Once again, thanks Aiph5u!

I am thinking about stepping up to this.

Pure sine wave.

I am trying to mitigate as many variables as possible. When I finally get through my alignments and tests, I don’t want some electrical bug-a-boo ruining a piece of wood I have saved for 20 years.