Power supply for Elite Forman

Hello all, I have the Forman on order, and have been watching several videos on various topics about CNC. My question is “Does the Elite Forman come with the 110v power supply or the 220v power supply?” I am ordering the PWNcnc spindle kit, 220v water-cooled. Is a separate 220v circuit required for each?

Hey Bub,

the answer is here

Since none of the outputs of the Elite power supply is made to power a VFD, you can buy the 220 V version of VFD and spindle (which I would recommend).


Thank you, the video is the one I had watched, hence the confusion. I am definitely ordering the PWNCNC 220v. I was just wanting to make sure I didn’t need to run a separate 220v circuit for the CNC power supply. I’m getting ready to insulate my work shop and thought if I needed the 2nd circuit, I’d like to do it before I spay in the insulation. Thanks again, and have a Happy Easter.

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