Ultimate Elite Build

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if I could get your help on suggestions for the ultimate Forman build.

I will be doing lots of laser and 3D relief projects in a fairly small shop. I want to get this forums users suggestions on what they think the best or ultimate build for a foreman would be. So far these are my thoughts:

-Onefinity foreman elite
-j tech 24w laser with air assist
-water cooled spindle (not sure voltage I’d like one that works with 110v)
-quick change spoilboard (below)
-folding table
-(need bit recommendations)
-vcarve pro/carveco maker+

I will also be doing a lot of tiling so if anyone has a rock solid solution for that I’d be very interested in hearing about it.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond!


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Hey Doug,

I would avoid a 110 V VFD/spindle.

Also see what Daniel @PwnCNC writes about their 110 V spindle:

Note: The 2.2kw 110v motor requires 20Amps of power. None of our VFD’s are capable of providing this much power¹. Also note that it’s recommended you install a 30amp 110v circuit to supply the proper power for this type of motor. We purchased a small batch of these motors to test/validate but ultimately decided not to offer in a full spindle kit.

1. Daniel means current, not power

Note that I don’t know how Daniel comes to 30 A for the input of the 110 V VFD, I think that’s not enough (best is to see what’s on VFD nameplate – NOT spindle nameplate). I own a 2.2 kW 230 V VFD and it is rated with 24 A input and needs a 30 A fuse. With the same power (2.2 kW spindle power) but at 110 V voltage you need double the current (ampères) which would mean the VFD sufficient to drive such a spindle would require a rated input current of 48 A (and a corresponding fuse).

I think there is a reason why Omron produces no 100 V class VFDs and Hitachi produces 100 V class VFDs just up to 0.75 kW – because current (and subsequently wire size) would be too high, particularly on single-phase input.

Note that in the U.S., many people have split-phase electricity (two 120 V phases shifted by 180°) which means even if they seem to have only 120 V outlets (which is between one hot and neutral) they usually have 240 V in their homes (between two hots of different phases) so an electrician can easily install a circuit with a 240 V outlet and circuit breaker.

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If you do decide to go with the 110V spindle, I have one for sale with the VFD in the “For Sale” section.


Thanks so much for your response. My garage isn’t really set up ideally but this is something I should consider thoroughly.

Appreciate it!

A little detail I learned… extension cords, even 220, are more readily available for lower amperage’s also - IF your table is movable and you want one.

The price of copper nowadays… holy smokes, Lowes had their 250 foot locked down.