80mm spindle need to order

Hi can anyone help ive just orderd the onefinity elite forman and orderd the 80mm spindle and didnt relise the motore dont come with it could someone tell me were i could purchas one as i am new to all this and need help thanks to all and kind regards martyn

Hey Martyn,

there are numerous options for a VFD and spindle combination (for driving a spindle, you forcibly need a VFD), however building a VFD control cabinet and wiring a VFD and spindle has to be done by an electrician or an electrical engineer. The only ready-to-use spindle/VFD kit I know is the one that Onefinity has in mind when offering the spindle option. It is @PwnCNC’s Spindle and VFD kit with VFD enclosure and ready-to-use cables. There is a version that is prepared for the Onefinity Elite Series and also one for the Onefinity Original X-35/X-50 Series. The VFD that is part of the kit is superior to cheap chinese or Huanyang HY VFDs. It supports sensorless vector control (SVC).

For choosing the right model, use the forum search function.

Avoid 110 V model if you want 2.2 kW spindle power, because no american 120 V domestic power supply will be able to deliver enough current. But in the U.S. you have split-phase electricity so 240 V is present in every normal household, at least in the wall box (e.g. for air conditioners or heaters). If you want 2.2 kW, choose 220 V and let install a NEMA 14 outlet, or stay at 1.5 kW spindle if you want to use a normal 120 V outlet.

EDIT: Based on timezone, you are not in the U.S. but maybe in UK. In this case you have BS 1363 (Type G) “13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units”, but 13 A is not enough for a VFD for a 1.5 kW or 2.2 kW spindle, so you will need a IEC 60309 outlet.

Here you can see the nameplate of my 2.2 kW 230 V single-phase input VFD:


As you can see, it needs 24 A 230 V on its input. Fuse recommended in the manual is 230 V 30 A.

Note that deciding on which spindle and VFD to use within minutes or within few days is not to recommend. Usually people spend much time on research.

Excellent VFDs, recommended by forum users, are Omron MX2, Hitachi WJ200, Hitachi S1, and Invertek Optidrive (Made in UK)).

Excellent spindles are listed in High-Frequency Spindles in Europe.

What I bought is Mechatron HFS-8022-24-ER20 (datasheet) spindle, these ER-20 collets (unboxing video), this Omron 3G3MX2-AB022-E VFD (practically identical to the Hitachi WJ200 VFD), this Mechatron Cooling Station KG5000 for water-cooled spindle and this Phoenix M17 Connector for making my own spindle cable, using LAPP ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC FD 810 CY shielded spindle motor cable for permanent motion in power chains in the strength 4 x 2.5 mm² (LAPP #0026271) for the 2.2 kW spindle power. Note that it is recommended to buy the matching braking resistor and EMI filter together with the VFD. I bought my VFD here at this CNC components supplier, with both accessories as a bundle.

But I bought these components to build my VFD control cabinet myself since I have the knowledge to do this. This is nothing for average consumers.

The forum is full of information. Use the search function.

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Much appreciated for replying to me I think the wife is goin to kill me when she finds out I have to spend more money ,thanks again and I’ll look into this

Hey Martyn,

I showed a person this video. This person knew what effort and time it takes to make such a thing without a CNC, by hand. Months later, when the packages from Onefinity had arrived and were stacked in the apartment, one day they stood in front of it and looked at it, and suddenly they said: “It is so great that you ordered these things”. They meant the ability to get things produced by the machine nearly automatically, preferably from wood or aluminium (which has a much better reputation than to produce lots of plastic waste by buying a 3D printer) that were created in a virtual 3D space before, and to now in life have a plan B for earning money with it.

Be sure that you master your CAD/CAM software and you are able to create objects in virtual 3D space when the machine arrives!

I have ordered a 2.2kw spindle for my Foreman. The kit comes with the spindle, VFD, Cable and 80mm mount. The mount doesn’t look like it will work on my machine. Do I need to order the one from Onefinity?

Yes you will. That mount will not fit.

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