Elite power supply circuits

Is it necessary to have two separate electrical circuits for the journeyman elite?

Looks like they allow one supply that will power everything including router and vacuum but you will be constrained by the available amps. You’re going to need to add up the amps from whatever you are plugging in and see what you get. I couldn’t find what the Elite models need, but the current controller and stepper motors are around 3.4A if I recall. Wouldn’t expect the Elite to be lower. Generally speaking, I doubt you’ll fit under a 15A circuit with any sort of dust collection included and even 20A can be tough to stay under.

And of course if you are considering a 240V spindle or dust collector, you will need a separate circuit.

With the regular journeyman it is normally recommended that you put the controller and any motors on a separate circuit to avoid EMI issues too. Not sure about the Elite.

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Thanks for the info.

I have ordered the Journeyman Elite. It indicates that the relay can deal with a 12 or less amp vacuum. I have a WEN DC1300 14Amp Dust Collector I was going to use, but I believe it is 14 amp. So I assume that I will not be able to utilize the power function through the 1F, correct?

Hey esk1020,

WEN DC1300 has a product manual, where it says:

Model number DC1300
Motor 120V, 60 Hz, 14A
Motor Speed 3450 RPM
Impeller Diameter 10 Inches (254mm)
Inlet Hole Diameter 5 Inches
Inlet Y-Adapter Hole Diameter 4 Inches
Air Suction Capacity 1,300 CFM
Collection Bag Capacity 50 Gallons
Filter Bag Rating 5 Microns
Assembled Dimensions 33.5 in. x 22 in. x 73.2 in.
Product Net Weight 86 Pounds

Generally I would say the max. Ampère rating for a relay means the max. current you can safely draw. That’s the disadvantage of 120 V voltage, with 230 V it would only be half the current.

I think this socket is more for shop vacs and less for serious dust collection systems like the WEN.

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In addition, it is better to put the motors on a separate circuit from the electronics to minimize interference.

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Hey Rick,

as you can see here, the 120 V version has an input for a separate circuit for the vaccum:

Left: North and Central America and Japan, right: Rest of the world

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