Here's a key element missing from the BB controller

Thank you for your rapid response it is my first time on a forum
No it’s not connected to anything noI/I at all just power attached
I stop beeping by disabling para# 88 but reset doesn’t do anything

With nothing but power attached, the only thing RESET will do is to toggle the READY indicator. Hitting reset will cause it to flash, pressing it again will stop the flashing. I’m not sure, but it may not even function to that extent with nothing hooked up to it.


I was able to home the machine and zero it as well never succeeded to down load a file and then this happened

The reset is okay now I can again home the machine and zero as well .
I am going to try again to load the file and wandering if I could call you for advice or you could call me @(310)430-1364
(not sure if it’s okay)

Bill what do you use for your soft wear

I just use 2D CAD software (Draftsight) for design and Estlcam to generate the g-code.